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Appliance Details; Features - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Do not run water through the unit
when unit is not on. When discharg-
ing hot water, make sure the unit is ON.
If water is run through the unit with the
unit OFF, water may condense inside
the unit and cause incomplete combus-
tion or damage to the internal electrical
components. For single-handle fixtures
or valves, discharge water setting the
handle completely to the water side.
This unit is only approved for installation
up to 1350m (4500 ft.) above sea level.
For installations at higher elevations,
contact Bosch Thermotechnology
Corp. for Instructions.
Do not disassemble the remote control-
ler. Do not use benzene, oil or fat deter-
gents to clean the remote controller.
This may cause deformation. Do not get
the remote controller wet. Although it is
water resistant, too much water can
cause damage. Do not splash water on
the remote controller. Do not expose
the remote controller to steam. Do not
locate the remote controller near stoves
or ovens, this may cause damage or fail-
Preventing damage from freezing (see
section 6.2). Damage can occur from
frozen water within the device and
pipes even in warm environments. Be
sure to read below for appropriate
measures. Repairs for damage caused
by freezing are not covered by the war-
Take necessary measures to prevent
freezing of water and leakage of gas
when leaving the unit unused for long
periods of time (see section 6.2).
If it is snowing, check the air inlet, ex-
haust gas vent and exhaust vent termi-
nal for blockage.
6 720 644 063
Do not use parts other than those
specified for this equipment.

Appliance details



Parts included with the unit
• Tapping Screw
• Installation Manual/user manual with warranty inside
(this document)
• Cross Recess Head Screw (660 EFO NG, 660 EFO
• Power Cord (660 EF NG, 660 EF LP).
Accessories (Bosch part #)
• Optional Remote Control to operate with the appli-
ance BRC01US for USA, BRC01CA for Canada
• Isolation Valves (includes pressure relief valve)
• Remote Controller Outdoor Junction Box (BOJB)
• Remote Controller cord 3m (10ft) BRC10CORD
• Remote Controller cord 8m (26ft) BRC26CORD
• Recess Box BRBKIT (for 660 EFO only)
• Pipe Cover (BPCKIT).
BOSCH is constantly improving its prod-
ucts, therefore specifications are subject
to change without prior notice.
Appliance details



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