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Installation - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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For 660 EFO
Required Clearances From Heater
• Maintain the following clearance from both combus-
tible and non-combustible materials.
* ( ) indicates the distance when installing a heat insulat-
ing board (non-combustible material other than metal,
with thickness of 0.1" (2.5mm) or more) or "section of
building effectively finished with non-combustible mate-
rial." Note, however, that combustion failure may occur
to the unit as exhaust gas reflects from the wall. Provide
clear-ance of 24" (600mm) or more in the front of the
unit to facilitate inspection and repair.
Fig. 17
Surrounding the area of installation
• When installing the unit in a common side corridor,
provide a clearance of 47" (1175mm) or more in
front of the unit.
• Set the bottom edge of the exhaust port about 84"
(2100mm) from the corridor floor.
6 720 644 063
Fig. 18
• When installing the unit on a balcony, etc., secure an
evacuation route of 24" (600mm) or more in width.
• Provide clearance of 24" (600mm) or more in front of
the unit to facilitate inspection and repair. Do install
the unit such as the wall of the second floor where
the unit is out of reach.
Fig. 19


Securing to the wall
Be sure to:
• The weight of the device will be applied to the wall. If
the strength of the wall is not sufficient, reinforce-
ment must be done to prevent the transfer of vibra-
• Do not drop or apply unnecessary force to the device
when installing. Internal parts maybe damaged and
may become highly dangerous.
• Install the unit on a vertical wall and ensure that it is
Installation instructions



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