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Operation Instructions; Trial Operation; Initial Operation - Bosch 660 EF User Manual

Indoor model/ natural gas/lp gas boilers
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Operation instructions

The installer should test operate the unit,
explain to the customer how to use the
unit, and give the owner this manual be-
fore leaving the installation.

Trial Operation

1. Open a hot water fixture to confirm that water is avail-
able, and then close the fixture.
2. Open the gas supply valve.
3. Turn on the power supply. Using the remote control-
ler, turn on the PowerOn/Off button (the Operation
lamp will turn on).
4. Open a hot water fixture and confirm that the Burner
On lamp comes on, and that hot water is being pro-
duced. (If necessary, repeat until the air in the gas pip-
ing is bled out).
White smoke may be noticed from the exhaust vent dur-
ing cold weather. However, this is not a malfunction of
the unit.
If an "11" error code appears on the remote controller,
turn the unit off and then back on again, and then open
a hot water fixture again.
5. Change the temperature setting on the remote con-
troller and check that the water temperature changes.
If the water heater does not operate normally, refer to
"Troubleshooting" in this Manual.
After the trial operation, clean the filter in the cold water
Caution: Handling after trial operation
If the unit will not be used immediately,
close off all gas and water shutoff
valves, drain all of the water out of the
unit and the plumbing system to prevent
the unit and system from freezing, and
bleed the gas out of the gas line.
Freezing is not covered by the warranty.
A fire or explosion may result if these in-
structions are not followed, which may
cause lose of life, personal injury or
property damage.
Lighting Instructions
This water heater does not have a pilot. It is equipped
with an ignition device that automatically lights the
Do not try to light the burner by hand.
1. Read the safety information in the installation manual
or on the front of the water heater.
6 720 644 063
2. Turn off all electrical power to the unit.
3. Do not attempt to light the burner by hand.
4. Turn the gas control manual valve (external to the
unit) clockwise to the off position.
5. Wait five minutes to clear out any gas. If the smell of
gas remains, stop, and contact your gas supplier from a
neighbor's phone.
6. Turn the gas control manual valve counterclockwise
to the on position.
7. Turn on electric power to the unit.
8. The unit will now operate whenever hot water is
called for. If the unit will not operate, follow the
shutdown instructions and call a service technician.
Shutdown Instructions
1. Stop any water demand.
2. Turn off electric power.
3. Turn the gas control manual valve clockwise to the off
Should overheating occur, or the gas supply fail to shut
off, turn off the manual control valve to the appliance.

Initial Operation

Before the first use of your water heater, make the fol-
lowing preparations.
Follow steps 1 through 4.
1. Open the water supply valve.
Fig. 37
2. Open a hot water fixture to confirm that water is avail-
able, and then close the fixture again.
Fig. 38
Operation instructions



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