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Bosch TR2000T Series User And Installation Manual

Electrical storage water tank
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User and Installation manual
Electrical storage water tank
TR2000T 10 | 15



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch TR2000T Series

  • Page 1 User and Installation manual Electrical storage water tank TR2000T TR2000T 10 | 15...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Index 8.2.2 Magnesium Anode ....14 Key to symbols and safety instructions ..3 8.2.3 Periodic cleaning .
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions

    Key to symbols and safety instructions room free from the risk of frost. Key to symbols and safety instructions ▶ First connect the appliance Key to symbols hydraulically and fill with water, then connect the power supply. Warnings ▶ During the installation isolate the Warnings in this document are identified by appliance from the power supply.
  • Page 4 Key to symbols and safety instructions Instructing the customer (for the installer) ▶ Instruct the customer in the function and operation of this appliance. ▶ It is the responsibility of customers to carry out regular maintenance and inspections. ▶ The appliance must be serviced annually.
  • Page 5: Technical Characteristics And Dimensions

    Use the appliance only in closed systems. Only use adequate solar liquid in the heat exchanger coil (if present). Using the appliance for any other purpose will be considered incorrect use. Bosch accepts no liability for any damage 6720801526-01.2V resulting from such use. Fig. 1...
  • Page 6: Specification

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Specification This appliance meets the requirements specified by the European Directives 2014/35/EC and 2014/30/EC. Technical characteristics Unit TR2000T 10 TR2000T 15 General characteristics Capacity Weight (empty) Weight when full 17,7 24,4 Water details Maximum permissible pressure Water connections Pol.
  • Page 7: Dimensions

    Technical Characteristics and dimensions Dimensions G1/2" G1/2" 6720821791-02.1V Fig. 2 Dimensions in mm Appliance TR2000T 10 TR2000T 15 Table 4 min. 96 mm max. 114 mm 8 mm 6720810908-03.1V Fig. 3 TR2000T – 6 720 885 113 (2018/04)
  • Page 8: Appliance Layout

    Regulations Appliance layout 6720821791-01. V Fig. 4 Appliance composition [1] Tank [2] Insulating material: polyurethane without CFC [3] Heating element [4] Hot water outlet ½ ” male [5] Cold water inlet½ ” male [6] Magnesium anode [7] Thermal cut out [8] Thermostat Electrical wiring diagram Fig.
  • Page 9: Transport

    Transport Siting the appliance Transport CAUTION: ▶ Do not drop the appliance. ▶ Chose a sufficiently robust wall to ▶ Remove the appliance from the packaging only at the place support the appliance with the tank full, of installation. see page page 6. Transport, storage and recycling regulations Dispositions relative to the place of installation •...
  • Page 10: Water Connection

    Installation Water connection CAUTION: Damage to appliance connections through contact corrosion! ▶ Use galvanized insulators in your water connections. These will avoid galvanic electric currents between the hydraulic link metals and, consequently corrosion of these. NOTICE: Material damage! ▶ Install a filter at the water inlet in areas where the water contains particles or sediments.
  • Page 11: Electrical Connections

    Installation If the pressure at the cold water inlet is superior to that of 80% of the maximum pressure of the appliance at, ie: 6,4 bar: ▶ Install a reducing valve (Fig. 9). The safety valve will trigger every time the water pressure in the appliance exceeds 6,4 bar.
  • Page 12: Use

    Decreasing the temperature ▶ Turn the temperature selector to the left. 6.2.1 „Anti-Frost“-mode - In this mode, the hot water tank always starts, when the temperature inside the hot water tank reaches 5 °C. ▶ Switch to „-“. Emptying the appliance ▶...
  • Page 13: Environment / Disposal

    Ensure the purging of the water does not Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy cause any damage to persons or goods. of the Bosch Group. The quality of our products, their efficiency and environmental 8.1.4 Maintenance and repair safety are all of equal importance to us and all environmental ▶...
  • Page 14: Functionality Verification

    Inspection/Maintenance 8.2.1 Functionality verification ▶ Remove the lid of the appliance. ▶ Verify the good working order of all the elements. CAUTION: Damages to the glass enamel! Never clean the enamel interior of the appliance with decalcifying agents. The magnesium anode ensures anti corrosion protection.
  • Page 15: Periodic Cleaning

    Inspection/Maintenance 8.2.4 Long standing - non working (more than 3 months) After a long period of inactivity you should change the water inside the appliance (more than 3 months). ▶ Switch off the electric current to the appliance. ▶ Drain the appliance completely. ▶...
  • Page 16: Problems

    Problems Problems Problem/Cause/Solution In the following diagram there are some solutions described for DANGER: possible problems / troubleshooting (these should only be Assembly, maintenance and repairs should performed by authorized technicians). only be carried out by authorized technicians. Problem Cause Solution Plant or circuit breaker surcharge ▶...
  • Page 17 Notes TR2000T – 6 720 885 113 (2018/04)
  • Page 18 Notes TR2000T – 6 720 885 113 (2018/04)
  • Page 19 Notes TR2000T – 6 720 885 113 (2018/04)
  • Page 20 Egypt ROBERT BOSCH LTD. 52/54 Isaac John Street, Ikeja, GRA, Lagos Nigeria. Tel: +234 908 781 4939 ROBERT BOSCH EAST AFRICA LTD. 4th floor, Fedha Plaza P.o Box 856-00506 Westlands. Nairobi Kenya Tel: +254 74 2967640 / +254 70 0651436...

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