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Tips - Miele CT 400 MP Operating And Installation Instructions

Built-in and mobile tepan
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Wipe the surface of the tepan plate
before each use to remove any dust
particles or other soiling which may
have settled on it since it was last
– Pre-heat the tepan plate before use
for 10 -15 minutes.
– It is important to get the tepan
sufficiently hot before use,
particularly when browning and
sealing meat. If it is not hot enough,
the meat will lose too much juice and
become tough.
– For frying, only use the minimum
amount of oil or fat. With marinated
food, no fat or oil is needed. Wait
until the temperature indicator light
has gone out before adding cooking
– Only use fats and oils which can be
heated to high temperatures.
– Marinating meat helps tenderise the
meat as well as provide extra flavour.
– Pat wet food dry with kitchen paper
before cooking to prevent it spitting.
– To prevent meat drying out, do not
season with salt until after it has
been cooked.
– Thicker cuts should be cooked first
on a high heat and then finished on a
lower setting.
– Any residues which have stuck to the
tepan plate can be used to make a
sauce. Add a little water, stock or
wine and loosen with a heat-resistant


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