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Miele CT 400 MP Operating And Installation Instructions page 9

Built-in and mobile tepan
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Packaging e.g. cling film,
polystyrene and plastic wrappings
must be kept out of the reach of babies
and young children. Danger of
suffocation. Dispose of or recycle all
packaging safely as soon as possible.
Before discarding an old
appliance, switch off and
disconnect it from the power supply.
Cut off and render any plug useless.
Cut off the cable directly behind the
appliance to prevent misuse. This
should be done by a competent
person. See "Disposal of your old
appliance" for further details.
Protecting the appliance from
As the tepan plate becomes very
hot during use, plastic utensils
must not be used. Even heat-resistant
plastic utensils are unsuitable.
Please note that hard implements,
such as knives, can scratch the
stainless steel surface. Do not use the
stainless steel surfaces on the Tepan
for cutting up food! They are
susceptible to scratching.
Do not use a steam cleaner to
clean this appliance. The steam
could reach electrical components and
cause a short circuit. Pressurised
steam could also cause permanent
damage to the surface and to other
components, for which the
manufacturer cannot accept liability.
Warning and Safety instructions
Wood is a natural product.
Differences in colour and grain are
a natural characteristic of wood and
therefore quite normal in the Tepan unit.
Only lift the mobile Tepan unit by its
handles. Never use the shelf fitted
on the side of the tepan plate to lift it.
In countries where there are areas
which may be subject to infestation
by cockroaches or other vermin, pay
particular attention to keeping the
appliance and its surroundings in a
clean condition at all times. Any
damage caused by cockroaches or
other vermin will not be covered by the


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