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Miele CT 400 MP Operating And Installation Instructions page 10

Built-in and mobile tepan
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Warning and Safety instructions
Protection from burning and
The surface of the appliance is hot
when in use, and remains hot for
quite a while after being switched off.
Do not touch it whilst it could still be
To protect your hands, use
heat-resistant pot holders or oven
gloves when using the appliance. Do
not let them get damp or wet, as this
causes heat to transfer through the
material more quickly with the risk of
burning yourself.
Do not heat up unopened tins or
jars of food on the tepan plate.
Presssure can build up and they may
explode, resulting in injury and scalding
or damage.
Do not use the tepan plate as a
resting place for anything else. The
article could melt or catch fire if
residual heat is still present or if the
appliance is switched on by mistake.
Do not cover the appliance, e.g.
with a cloth, kitchen foil, etc. This
could be a fire hazard if the appliance
is switched on by mistake.
Never leave the appliance
unattended when cooking with oil
or fat as these are fire hazards if
overheated. Very hot oil can catch fire
and could even set a cooker hood
above on fire. Always heat fat slowly,
watching as it heats.
If, despite this, oil or fat does catch
fire, do not attempt to put out the
flames with water. Use a suitable fire
blanket, saucepan lid, damp towel or
similar to smother the flames.
Do not flambé under a cooker
hood. The flames could set the
cooker hood on fire.


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