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Miele CT 400 MP Operating And Installation Instructions page 8

Built-in and mobile tepan
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Warning and Safety instructions
Correct usage
For safety reasons this appliance
must only be operated when it has
been built in, either into a worktop or in
the special mobile unit. This is
necessary to ensure that all electrical
components are shielded.
This appliance is intended for
domestic use only and is not to be
used for commercial purposes.
Use this appliance for the
preparation of food only. Any other
usage is at the owner's risk and could
be dangerous. The manufacturer
cannot be held liable for damage
resulting from incorrect or improper use
or operation.
Do not use the appliance to heat
up the room. Due to the high
temperatures radiated, objects near the
appliance could catch fire. The life of
the appliance could also be reduced.
Safety with children
The appliance is only intended for
use by adults who have read these
This appliance is not a toy! To
avoid the risk of injury, keep
children well away and do not let them
play with it or use the controls. They will
not understand the potential dangers
posed by it. They should be supervised
whenever you are working in the
Older children may use the
appliance only when its operation
has been clearly explained to them and
they are able to use it safely,
recognising the dangers of misuse.
The appliance gets hot when in
use and remains hot for quite a
while after being switched off. To
safeguard against burning, keep
children well away from the appliance
at all times.
Do not store anything which might
arouse a child's interest in storage
areas above or next to the appliance.
Otherwise they could be tempted into
climbing onto the appliance with the
risk of burning themselves.


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