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Miele CT 400 MP Operating And Installation Instructions page 11

Built-in and mobile tepan
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Appliance faults
In the event of damage or a defect,
switch off the appliance immedi-
ately. Disconnect completely from the
electricity supply. If the appliance has
not yet been fully installed, the
electricity cable must be disconnected
from the supply point. If connected via
a plug and socket, switch off at the
socket and withdraw the plug. Contact
the Miele Service Department.
Do not reconnect the appliance to the
mains electricity supply until after it has
been repaired.
Repairs may only be carried out by
a suitably qualified and competent
person. Repairs and other work by
unqualified persons could be very
dangerous and could damage the
appliance. The manufacturer cannot be
held liable for unauthorised work. Never
open the housing of the appliance.
While the appliance is under
guarantee, repairs should only be
undertaken by a service technician
authorised by the manufacturer.
Otherwise the guarantee is invalidated.
Warning and Safety instructions
Futher safety notes
When using an electric socket near
the appliance, care should be
taken that the cable of the electrical
appliance does not come into contact
with the hot appliance. The insulation
on the cable could become damaged,
giving rise to an electric shock hazard.
Always ensure that food is
sufficiently cooked or reheated.
Many factors will affect the overall
cooking time, including the size and
amount of food and its temperature.
Some foods may contain
micro-organisms which are only
destroyed by thorough cooking at a
sufficiently high temperature for long
enough. Therefore when cooking or
reheating food such as poultry, it is
particularly important the food is
completely cooked through. If in doubt,
select a longer cooking or reheating
Remove the lower shelf if the Tepan
mobile unit needs to be tipped to
one side when it is being moved (e.g.
to carry it up steps).
When cooking on the mobile Tepan
make sure that the brakes are on.
This way the appliance cannot move
away from you during use.
The manufacturer cannot be held
liable for damage caused by
non-compliance with these Warning
and Safety instructions.


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