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Cleaning And Care; Tepan Plate (Built-In And Mobile Tepan) - Miele CT 400 MP Operating And Installation Instructions

Built-in and mobile tepan
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Cleaning and care

Do not use a steam cleaner to clean
this appliance. The steam could
reach electrical components and
cause a short circuit. Pressurised
steam could also cause permanent
damage to the surface and to
components, for which the
manufacturer cannot accept liability.
Do not use cleaners containing
alkalines, soda, acids or chlorides,
oven sprays, dishwasher cleaner or
abrasive cleaning agents, hard
brushes, scouring pads and cloths
or steel wool. You should also avoid
using sponges etc. which have
previously been used with abrasive
cleaning agents, as this will damage
the surface.
Important - Conditioning agents for
stainless steel, e. g. Neoblank, must
not be used on the tepan plate!
Tepan plate (Built-in and
Mobile Tepan)
The tepan plate should be cleaned
after each use.
Use a spatula to remove any large
particles immediately.
Allow the tepan plate to cool down until
it can be touched by hand and then
loosen the soiling with warm water and
a little washing up liquid. Remove the
soiling with a spatula and then wipe the
surface with a damp cloth.
The stainless steel surfaces can be
cleaned using a proprietary
non-abrasive cleaning agent designed
specifically for use on stainless steel.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions
on the packaging carefully.
Ensure that every trace of cleaner has
been removed from the surface by
wiping it carefully with a damp cloth.
Any remaining trace of cleaning agent
could otherwise get onto food when the
appliance is next used.
Always dry the surface thoroughly with
a soft cloth after cleaning it with water
or a damp cloth. This prevents a
build-up of limescale deposits.


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