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Using The 3D Glasses - Mitsubishi Electric EY-3DGS-1U User Manual

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Using the 3D Glasses

A supported projector and 3D Emitter are required to watch the 3D images with
the 3D Glasses.
See the User Manual of the projector for the detailed operations.
1. Project a 3D image on the
2. Press the power button on
the 3D Glasses for about 1
second to turn the power on.
• The indicator on the 3D Glasses lights up for
about 2 seconds. After that, the indicator goes
out even while the power is turned on.
3. Wear the 3D Glasses.
Visual distance of the 3D images
• When you view the 3D images, it is recommended to keep a distance from the
screen about three times of the effective height of the screen.
• Viewing images from closer distance than the recommended distance may lead to
deconditioning or eyestrain.
• The 3D Glasses may not work properly when it is used too far from the screen.
• Do not place any block in the communication area between the 3D Emitter and the
3D Glasses.
When fi nishing watching
• Turn off the power of the 3D Glasses.
• Put the 3D Glasses in the supplied case and keep in a place where children can't
get it. Be careful of the damage or accident.
• Avoid keeping this 3D Glasses in a place of high temperature or high humidity.
• It may need to switch the 3D mode (such as 3D setting system) on the recorder/
player when projecting 3D images with the 3D image supporting recorder/player.
(For detail, see the User Manual of the recorder/player.)
• There is a difference in vision for each person. If you suffer from myopia (short
sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), astigmatism, or have eyesight
differences between the left and right eyes, please use corrective glasses or other
such methods to correct your eyesight before putting on the 3D Glasses.
• At the start of watching 3D images, the image may be seen out of synchronization.
However, it is not a malfunction.
• The 3D Glasses stop working temporarily when the 3D Glasses can not receive the
infra-red signal from the 3D Emitter by the reason such as turning your head away
while watching 3D images. In this case, even when you turn around, you may see
double images until 3D images restart, however it is not a malfunction.
• 3D Glasses automatically turn off 5 minutes after the infra-red signal from the 3D
Emitter is interrupted.


Table of Contents

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