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Overview - Mitsubishi Electric EY-3DGS-1U User Manual

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With the 3D Glasses and 3D Emitter, you can enjoy 3D images when you watch
the 3D supporting programs on the projectors supporting 3D images.
You can wear the 3D Glasses over vision corrective glasses.
Make sure to read the "Safety precautions" on pages 2 to 4 before using
the 3D Glasses.
Battery case
A coin shaped lithium battery
(CR2032) is preinstalled.
When using for the first time,
remove the insulating sheet.
If necessary, attach
the nose pad.
(inside the 3D
Power button (ON/STANDBY)* and indicator
* The status is changed between ON and STANDBY.
When turning on the power:
Press the power button for about 1 second.
The indicator lights for about 2 seconds, then it
turns off.
When turning off the power:
When you press the power button for about 1 second, the indicator will blink
3 times and the power turns off.
* When the infra-red signal from the 3D Emitter is interrupted, the power turns
off automatically after about 5 minutes.
* If the battery is running low, the indicator blinks 5 times when you turn on
the power.
Infra-red receiver
Receives infra-red signals from the
3D Emitter.
The liquid crystal shutter open/close
timing is controlled by receiving
infra-red signals from the 3D Emitter,
which provide the 3D expression of
the images.
(liquid crystal


Table of Contents

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