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Using Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric EY-3DGS-1U User Manual

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Safety precautions (continued)
Be careful of the tips of the frame when putting on the 3D Glasses.
Accidentally inserting the tip of the frame into the eye may cause injury.
Not for use in a computer room as defi ned in the Standard for the Protection of
Electronic Computer/Data Processing Equipment, ANSI/NFPA 75.

Using precautions

Lens (liquid-crystal shutter)
• Do not apply force on a lens. Also, do not drop or bend the product.
• Do not make a scratch on the surface of the lens with a sharp instrument. The
lens may be broken and it may lead to degrade the 3D image quality.
Infra-red reception section
• Do not contaminate or apply a sticker or other such item on the infra-red
reception section on the 3D Glasses. The 3D Glasses could not receive the
signal from the 3D Emitter and may not operate correctly.
• Other infra-red communication equipment may affect the 3D images.
• Operation of a remote control may cause a misoperation of the 3D Glasses.
It is not a malfunction. When you stop operating the remote control, the 3D
Glasses work properly.
• A remote control may operate improperly while you watch the 3D images,
however, it is not a malfunction.
When using the 3D Glasses
• Do not use a device that emits strong electromagnetic wave such as mobile
telephone near the 3D Glasses. It may cause misoperation of the 3D Glasses.
• Use the 3D Glasses under the condition beteween 0°C to 40°C.
• While watching the 3D images in a room with fl uorescent lights, you may feel
the whole lights in the room are fl ickering. In this case, place the 3D Glasses
and 3D Emitter as far from the fl uorescent lights as possible or turn off the
fl uorescent lights.
• Wear the 3D Glasses appropriately. When you wear it upside down or back to
front, you can not get the correct 3D images.
• Using the 3D Glasses, it may be hard to see other displays such as that of
a personal computer, digital clock and calculator. Remove the glasses when
you watch images other than 3D images.
• The 3D Glasses can not be used as sunglasses.
• This 3D Glasses can not be used with incompatible products.
• This 3D Glasses can not be used for movies in the movie theater.
• You can not get 3D images when you lie down, even when wearing the 3D
• Do not pull the temple of the glasses. It may cause break.


Table of Contents

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