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Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux EKC 6190 Instruction Book

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The ovens
Fan-assisted grill
The grilling element browns the food, while the fan
circulates hot air throughout the oven. Ideal for "tall"
food items which need to be browned on the sides as
well as the top.
You find this function in the small oven. It is excellent
for browning shallow dishes, e.g. toasted sandwishes
and au gratin dishes. Heat the oven for 3 to 5 minutes
before putting the food in.

Cleaning and maintenance

The ovens
The catalysing enamel used for the walls and inside
roof of the oven is porous, and is self-cleaning to a
certain extent. The bottom of the oven is made of
smooth and somewhat harder enamel, so that you can
scrape off spillages, e.g. using a spatula.
The oven gets hot when in use:
children nearby must be supervised.
Soilage on self-cleaning enamel is largely burnt off by
the action of heat. If the enamel becomes stained, you
can heat the oven empty at maximum temperature, top/
bottom heat for 30 to 60 minutes. Stubborn stains, for
example grease, can be removed as follows:
"Drench" the self-cleaning surfaces with soft
soap and hot water. Use a nylon brush on the
stains. Leave to stand for one hour.
Set the oven on
imum temperature.
Switch off the oven after three hours.
Never use oven cleaning products or sharp objects on
the self-cleaning enamel.
(top/bottom heat) and max-



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