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Electrolux EKC 6780 Instruction Booklet

Ceramic free-standing electric cooker
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Ceramic Free-Standing Electric Cooker -
ÇëåêôñéêÞ Êïõæßíá ìå ÊåñáìéêÝò Åóôßåò
Model -
EKC 6780



  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EKC 6780

  • Page 1 Ceramic Free-Standing Electric Cooker - ÇëåêôñéêÞ Êïõæßíá ìå ÊåñáìéêÝò Åóôßåò INSTRUCTION BOOKLET ÖÕËËÁÄÉÏ ÏÄÇÃÉÙÍ Model - EKC 6780 ÌïíôÝëï 35690-2321...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    ENGLISH Important Safety Information You MUST read these warnings carefully before installing or using the hob. If you need assistance, contact our Customer Care Department. Installation • The work of installation must be carried out by • When using other electrical appliances, ensure the competent and qualified installers according to the cable does not come into contact with the hot regulations in force.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents For the User Important Safety Information Control panel The electronic programmer When the cooker is first installed Before the first use of the cooker Programming the oven Safety and energy saving functions Operation Using the ceramic glass hob Using the oven Hints and tips for using the oven Defrosting Cooking Chart - Conventional and fan cooking...
  • Page 4: Control Panel

    Control panel Storage Drawer 1. Front left cooking zone control knob 2. Back left cooking zone control knob The storage drawer is located underneath the oven cavity. 3. Electronic Programmer During cooking the storage drawer may become 4. Back right cooking zone control knob hot if the oven is on high for a long period of time, 5.
  • Page 5: The Electronic Programmer

    The electronic programmer Time Cooking Functions Temperature display display display Push Buttons All the oven functions are controlled by an electronic programmer. - ON / OFF You can select any combination of cooking function, cooking temperature and automatic timing. - Cooking Functions Control - Fast Heat Up Function In the event of a power failure, the programmer will - Pyrolitic Function...
  • Page 6: When The Cooker Is First Installed

    When the cooker is first installed When the oven is first connected to the electrical supply, the display will automatically show 12:00 and the symbol will flash. Ensure the correct time of day is set before using the oven. To set the correct time of day : 1.
  • Page 7 How to select a Cooking Function 1. Switch on the oven by pressing the button. 2. Press button to select the required oven function. Each time button is pressed, a cooking symbol will appear in the display and the corresponding cooking function number will appear to the left of the currently selected cooking function symbol (Fig.
  • Page 8: Programming The Oven

    Cooking Functions The following list displays in sequence all the cooking functions available. Fan cooking - This setting allows you to roast Pizza Oven - The bottom element provides or roast and bake simultaneously using any direct heat to the base of pizzas, quiches or shelf, without flavour transference.
  • Page 9 To programme the Oven to switch off 1. Switch the oven on, place food in the oven, select a cooking function and adjust the cooking tempe- rature, if required. 2. Press time function button to select the "Cooking Duration" function. The "Cooking Duration" symbol will flash and the control panel will display "0.00"...
  • Page 10: Safety And Energy Saving Functions

    Safety and energy saving functions "Fast Heat Up" function (Booster) Safety Cut-Off Function The oven will switch off automatically if any change of After a cooking function has been selected and the temperature has been adjusted, the cavity will gradually setting is made, according to the table below (Fig.
  • Page 11: Demo Mode

    Demo mode This mode is intended to be used in the shops to dem- onstrate the oven functionality without any power con- sumption except the oven lamp. To activate this func- tion the appliance should be in stand-by mode. — Press button for approximately 2 sec- onds (Fig.
  • Page 12: Operation

    Operation Push-Pull control knobs Some models are provided with push-pull control knobs (Fig. 17). These knobs can be completely sunken inside the control panel when the oven is not working. Ceramic hob cooking zones To switch on a cooking zone, turn the relevant control knob clockwise to the required heat setting.
  • Page 13: Using The Ceramic Glass Hob

    Using the ceramic glass hob Ceramic glass surface The glass is hard, and has been tempered to withstand heat, cold and temperature shocks. But like all glass it is sensitive to impact. Do not stand on the ceramic glass surface. If scratches or cracks are noticed, disconnect the cooker from the electrical supply to avoid the possibility of electric shock and call you...
  • Page 14: Using The Oven

    Using the oven Always cook with the oven door closed. The heating elements do not work when theoven door is not completely closed. Stand clear when opening the drop down oven door. Do not allow it to fall open - support the door using the door handle, until it is fully open.
  • Page 15: Hints And Tips For Using The Oven

    Hints and tips for using the oven Hints and Tips on Cooking Fish and Meat You can place meat in oven proof dishes, or directly on the oven shelf. In this case, remember to place the drip tray in the first position from the bottom with some water in it. The dripping pan will avoid the falling of melted fat on the oven base.
  • Page 16: Cooking Chart - Conventional And Fan Cooking

    Cooking Chart Cooking times do not include pre-heating time. A short oven pre-heating (about 10 minutes) is necessary before any cooking. Conventional and fan cooking Traditional Cooking Fan Oven Cooking time NOTES TYPE OF DISH Level Level temp. temp. °C minutes °C CAKES...
  • Page 17: Cooking Chart - Grilling, Thermal Grilling, Pizza

    Cooking times do not include pre-heating time. A short oven pre-heating (about 10 minutes) is necessary before any cooking. Grilling Cooking time Level Quantity (minutes) Temperature TYPE OF DISH °C Upper Lower Pieces Weight side side Fillet steaks 12 ~ 15 12 ~ 14 Beef-steaks 10 ~ 12...
  • Page 18: Cleaning The Ceramic Hob

    Cleaning the ceramic hob Stain removal Before any maintenance or cleaning can be carried out, you must DISCONNECT the cooker from the Light metallic stains (aluminium residues) can be removed electricity supply. from the cooking zone with a ceramic hob cleaning agent Never use steam or high pressure steam cleaners such as Hob Brite when cool.
  • Page 19: Cleaning The Oven

    Cleaning the oven Pyrolytic cleaning Before cleaning always allow the cooling fan to cool the oven down before switching off at the The oven cavity is coated with a special enamel resistant electricity supply. to high temperatures. This appliance cannot be cleaned with steam or During the pyrolytic cleaning operation, the temperature with a steam cleaning machine.
  • Page 20 How to use the pyrolytic cleaning function Before activating the pyrolytic cleaning function, remove any excessive spillage and make sure that the oven is empty. Do not leave anything inside it (e.g. pans, grids, baking tray, dripping pan, etc.) as this could heavily damage them. When the pyrolytic cleaning function is on, it is advisable not to use the hob.
  • Page 21 2. The Cooking Duration symbol will flash for 5 seconds; during this time push buttons to select the pyrolytic 1 (P I) or pyrolytic 2 (P 2) function (Fig. 22). 3. Once you have chosen the desired pyrolytic function (P I or P 2), the “Pyro” writing will flash in the display waiting for confirmation to start the pyrolytic cleaning function.
  • Page 22: Oven Lamp Replacement

    2. The Cooking Duration symbol will start flashing; during this time push buttons to select the pyrolytic 1 (P I) or pyrolytic 2 (P 2) function. 3. Once you have chosen the desired pyrolytic func- tion, the “Pyro” writing will flash in the display waiting for confirmation to start the pyrolytic cleaning function.
  • Page 23: Cleaning The Oven Door

    Cleaning The Oven Door The oven door is made up of four glasses. It is possible to remove them for easier cleaning. Warning - The oven door may bang shut if you try to extract the inner glasses when the oven door is still fitted to the oven.
  • Page 24 Clean the oven door glass with warm water and a softh cloth only. Never use harsh abrasives as they could damage the special heat-resistant surface of the inner glasses. Once the cleaning is carried out, refit the oven door, following the procedure in reverse. The two glasses in the middle are special glasses that have been treated to resist heat.
  • Page 25: Something Not Working

    Something not working If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks, before contacting your local Service Force Centre. IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.
  • Page 26: Service And Spare Parts

    Service and Spare Parts If after the checks listed in the previous chapter, the appliance still does not work correctly, contact your locals Service Centre, specifying the type of malfunctioning, the appliance model (Mod.), the product number (Prod. No.) and the serial number (Ser. No.) marked on the identification plate.
  • Page 27: Instructions For The Installer

    Instructions for the Installer Oven Technical Data Bottom heating element 1,000 W Appliance Class 2 sub class 1 and Class 1 Top heating element 800 W Dimensions Oven elements 1,800 W Height 850 mm Inner Grill Element 1,650 W Double Grill Element 2,450 W Depth 600 mm...
  • Page 28: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Connecting the terminal board Prior to making the electric al connection, make sure that: The appliance incorporates an easily accessible 6-pole The protection fuse and the domestic wire system terminal board whose jumpers (bridges) are already pre- are suitable to carry the total electric load of the oven set for operation on 400 V three-phase with neutral wire.