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Problems And Actions Needed - Electrolux EKC 6190 Instruction Book

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Problems and actions needed

Never attempt any repairs or work on the cooker which could cause injury or damage the product. If you cannot
solve the problem after checking the list below, contact a service company approved by the supplier.
The cooker has no electrical supply
The cooker is not working and a line appears in the
information window
The hotplate is not working and "SAFE" appears in the
information window
The hotplates are not working and a line appears in the
information window
Boiling/frying takes a long time
The buttons for the oven are not working
The oven light is not working
The door safety catch isn't working
The roasting sensor is not working
The clock is not showing the right time/not
The timer is not working
Action needed
Check that:
) has not gone
is pushed in correctly
(if fitted) has not tripped
Please, contact service
Check whether the hob safety lock is deactivated. Use the
locked hob or deactivate the hob safety lock (see page 14)
The power supply to the hob has cut out for safety reasons
(see page 11). Reset all controls and then turn on the hotplate
you want to use.
Check you have a suitable pan that conducts heat properly
(see page 12)
Deactivate the oven safety lock (see page 27)
Replace broken bulb (see page 26)
Activate the door safety catch (see page 6)
Check that the sensor is correctly plugged in inside the oven.
Take it out and plug it in again. Set the required temperature
(see page 22)
Set the correct time (see page 6)
Set the time required (see page 19)
Problems and actions needed



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