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Electrolux EKC601503 User Manual

Electrolux ceramic cooker
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Ceramic Cooker



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EKC601503

  • Page 1 Ceramic Cooker EKC601503...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 electrolux Electrolux. Thinking of you. Share more of our thinking at Contents Safety information Helpful hints and tips Product description Care and cleaning Accessories What to do if… Operating instructions Technical data Before first use Installation Subject to change without notice...
  • Page 3 3 • When using the appliance for a long period • Oven accessories such as baking sheets, of time, the ventilation should be improved, will also become hot, therefore care should by opening a window or increasing the ex- be taken when removing these items from tractor speed.
  • Page 4: Product Description

    4 electrolux Product description Control panel Front left cooking zone Oven thermostat control knob Back left cooking zone Minute minder control knob Back right cooking zone Oven thermostat control light Front right cooking zone General control light Oven function control knob...
  • Page 5: Accessories

    5 Accessories Dripping tray Oven shelf It is used to collect juice when cooking in it. One or two, depending on the model. If you do not use the dripping tray, remove it All accessories can be stored in the drawer from the oven.
  • Page 6 6 electrolux The corresponding indicator will remain on ° until the temperature falls below 30 C, even after the cooking zone is switched off. When a cooking zone is switched on, a short buzzing may be heard. This is quite normal and does not affect the hob op- eration in any way.
  • Page 7: Before First Use

    7 To open the oven door: 1. Shut the door 2. Press up the safety catch and keep it 3. Open the door To set the minute minder: 1. Select the desired cooking function with the oven function control knob 2.
  • Page 8: Helpful Hints And Tips

    8 electrolux 2. Turn on the cooking zone for about 10 During this time, the cooking zone may minutes to the maximum position, to smoked and an unpleasant odour may make water boiling be emitted. This is quite normal. 3. Turn off the cooking zone...
  • Page 9 9 Condensation and steam The oven is supplied with an exclusive sys- tem which produces a natural circulation of air and the constant recycling of steam. This system makes it possible to cook in a steamy environment and keep the dishes soft inside and crusty outside.
  • Page 10 10 electrolux oured exterior and dark, heavy utensils in- In the grill function, heat comes only from the crease cooking and base browning. top element. Therefore, you need to adjust the cooking level depending on meat or fish's Cooking fish and meat thickness.
  • Page 11 11 Type of dish Conventional Cooking NOTES Fan cooking Cooking time nutes Level temp. temp. Level ° ° Sponge cake 30 ~ 40 In cake mould on the shelf Christmas cake 40 ~ 60 In cake mould on the shelf...
  • Page 12 12 electrolux Type of dish Conventional Cooking NOTES Fan cooking Cooking time nutes Level temp. temp. Level ° ° 2000 Shoulder of 120 ~ 150 With rind-in pork dripping pan 1200 Shin of pork 100 ~ 120 2 pieces-in dripping pan...
  • Page 13: Care And Cleaning

    13 ° Type of Quantity Cooking time (minutes) Temp. Level dish Pieces Weight(gr.) Upper side Lower side Chicken maximum 10 ~ 15 8 ~ 10 (breast) Fish (fillets) maximum 12 ~ 14 10 ~ 12 Sandwiches 4 - 6...
  • Page 14 14 electrolux Clean the oven accessories with warm water 2. find the hinges linking the door to the and detergent. Remove possible incrusta- oven tions with a slightly abrasive powder. Warning! Never line any part of the oven with aluminium foil. It would result in an...
  • Page 15: What To Do If

    15 5. gently pull the oven door off its site To clean the oven shelves, soak in warm 6. place it on a steady plan. soapy water and remove stubborn marks with a well wetted soap impregnated pad. Important! Clean the oven door glass with Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Page 16: Technical Data

    16 electrolux Symptoms Solutions Dark stains occur • if the use of a scraper and a ceramic hob clean- er proves unsuccessful, your hob surface may have been damaged by using unsuitable clean- ing agents, or by pan bases with a scouring ef- fect.
  • Page 17: Installation

    17 Ceramic hob Cooking zones Power Diameters Front left cooking zone (dou- 2200 W 210 mm - 120 mm ble) Back left cooking zone 1200 W 145 mm Back right cooking zone 1800 W 180 mm Front right cooking zone...
  • Page 18 18 electrolux Replacement of the electric cable Warning! The replacement of electric cable must be carried out exclusively by the service force centre or by personnel with similar competencies, in accordance with the current regulations. Should the supply cord need to be replaced,...
  • Page 19: The Oven Cavity

    19 Original spare parts, certified by the product manufacturer are only available at our Serv- ice Centre and authorized spare parts shops. The ground cable must be connected to ter- minal After connecting the supply cable to the ter- minal board, secure it with a junction clamp.
  • Page 20 892931731-A-032009...