Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux 56SB Instruction Manual

Gas cookers
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Grill knob
As the oven knob is the same that turns the grill
on, after using the cooker, be sure it is off. The
light next to the knob indicates if the grill is working
or not. When turned off, it means that is off.
Small oven (models DTB and DTX)
The small oven is recommended for low-income
dishes, such as pizza, pasta, meat, vegetables,
soufflés. Leave a space between the food and the
oven walls (about 4cm).
The small oven can be used simultaneously with
the large oven or with the grill (check if your product
has these components in the specifications table
on page 38).
By using both ovens simultaneously, you may
need to adjust the cooking time.
Self-cleaning oven
The self-cleaning oven has a coating with special
porcelain enamel. This coating is non-toxic, does
not release odors which may alter the taste of
food and does not affect the cooking quality and
time. The combination of the enamel texture
and oxidizing agents assist the dissipation of fat
throughout the time when the oven is operating.
Thus, the cleaning process is continuous and fat
stains are chemically broken and eliminated.
Oven gasket
If you need to assemble and/or
disassemble the oven gasket it will
be necessary to observe the perfect
positioning of the hooks.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

General cleaning
Before performing any cleaning
or maintenance, unplug the
cooker and close the gas taps.
The cleaning should be done
with the cooker cold.
Do not use, under any
agents such as chlorine, bleach, kerosene,
gasoline, solvents, removers, acids, vinegar, juice
lemon, chemicals or abrasives because they can
cause stains and accidents.
To clean the cooktop, remove the grids, burners
and knobs. Wash the cooktop and the other parts
individually, using a soft sponge, neutral detergent
and water. Do not use in the cooktop the green
part sponges, abrasive powders and corrosive
substances that may scratch the part. To remove
the toughest dirt from grids and burner caps, use a
dry steel wool sponge in the dry parts, making circular
Before putting them in their places, dry them well and
make sure they were all clean and dry. Make sure they
are properly seated. Turn the burners on and leave
it lighted for about 1 minute to ensure a complete
There may be rust points on the bottom of the burner
cap, on the unpolished area. However, oxidation of
these points does not interfere with the operation
of the cooker.Do not use aluminum foil to line the
cooktop of the cooker because it can cause stains on
the cooktop and prejudice the functioning of the spark
plugs. Do not let acid or alkaline substances, such
as vinegar, coffee, milk, salt water, juice tomato etc.,
remain for a long time in contact with surfaces of the
cooktop, burners or enameled surfaces (burner caps,
trivets, top and bottom parts of the oven). In case of
spills, do cleaning immediately. In the cooktop grods
is normal to appear white or silver marks that seem
risks. These marks occur due to the metal residue in
pans bottom that is accumulated in the grids, but they
are easily removed using a steel dry sponge.
The cleaning the burners, caps and spreaders must
be made periodically with warm water and mild soap
or neutral detergent for dishwasher. Do not spill liquid
or solid inside the burner to not deragulate the flame
or cause clogging. If this happens, turn the burner off

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