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Maintenance & Cleaning - Electrolux EKG5302X User Manual

Freestanding cooker


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Before each operation, disconnect the unit by unplugging the socket and gas hose.
Oven lamp replacement
Disconnect the power supply to the appliance, unscrew the lamp and replace it with a high
temperature fitting (300℃) with the following specifications:-
Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz)
Power: 23W
Convection: E14
NOTE- Use only a lamp designed for high temperature (300℃)
Cleaning the Hob
Drops of sauce, fruit juice etc, should be removed as soon possible with a soft
cloth soaked in warm detergent water.
Do not use steel wool or knives to take off stubborn layers of dirt or grease.
Remove stubborn marks with a well wet soap impregnated pad, but care must be
taken not to scratch the enamel.
Wash the enameled grids with water and detergent; these can also be washed in a
Take off the burner covers and the grids and wash them carefully with warm
water and detergent. Dry them well before putting them back in position.
Make sure that burner covers are always in position and located correctly.
The burner can be cleaned by rubbing with steel wool or a slightly abrasive cloth.
In cookers with an automatic ignition the spark plug should be cleaned
periodically and accurately to avoid difficulties in lighting; furthermore, ensure
that the burner holes are not obstructed.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents