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Using The Roasting Sensor - Electrolux EKC 6190 Instruction Book

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The ovens

Using the roasting sensor

Be careful that you do not burn yourself on the
heating element in the top of the oven or on the
oven rungs when inserting or removing the
roasting sensor plug. Use an oven glove.
The sensor works within the temperature range of 30
to 99°C. Before you switch on the oven, remove the
cover which prevents the sensor socket from becoming
• The symbol
appears in the information win-
dow when the roasting sensor is connected.
• If the crossed-out symbol
have selected a function which does not allow
the sensor to be used.
Only use the sensor supplied with your oven and make
sure that no part of the sensor comes into contact with
the inside top of the oven.
In order to achieve best results, the roasting sensor
should be inserted so that its tip comes to the thickest
part of the meat, where the heat takes longest to reach.
The entire sensor should preferably be inside the meat,
because hot air in the oven can affect its reading if the
shaft is exposed. If the sensor is inserted into fat or
touches bone, it can give an unreliable reading.
Preheat the oven first, then put the joint of meat in
the lower part of the oven. Remove the joint when the
sensor shows the required temperature. Cover the meat
with aluminium foil and let it stand for about 15
minutes. This will make it easier to carve and less meat
juices will be lost when carving.
Once you have put the joint of meat in the preheated
oven and connected the sensor to the socket.
1 Press
. The pre-programmed temperature
appears and °C starts flashing.
2 You can alter the temperature as long as
ing. Press
ture appears in the information window.
The temperature of the meat from 30°C upwards
appears in the information window. Press
which temperature you selected.
When the correct meat temperature has been reached,
a repeated signal is emitted and the symbol for the
chosen oven function starts flashing. The oven and
oven light turn off automatically.
appears, then you
°C is flash-
until the required tempera-
to check



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