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Practical Use - Electrolux EKC 6190 Instruction Book

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Practical use

Never place aluminium foil, baking trays or oven
dishes directly on the bottom of the oven. Block-
ing heat from the bottom of the oven can damage
the enamel through overheating. The oven gets
hot when in use:
The baking tray may warp temporarily due to tempera-
ture fluctuations, or if the food, (pizza, etc.) is
unevenly distributed on its surface. The tray resumes
its shape when cool.
How does one know which oven functions to use in
different situations? See below for practical advice on
how to efficiently use the oven functions for various
ways of cooking:
Baking & Cooking with the fan-assisted oven
The fan-assisted oven allows you to bake, cook, defrost
or heat food on several shelves at the same time and usu-
ally at a lower temperature than with top/bottom heat.
Lower the temperature by 15-20% if the recipe specifies
a temperature between 160°C and 225°C. The higher the
temperature, the more it can be lowered. It is better to
use top/bottom heat for temperatures over 225°C.
Use the fan-assisted oven for baking or cooking
large amounts of food on several trays/shelves at the
same time. The fan-assisted oven reduces the total
baking time as two trays can be in the oven at the same
time. However, although you save time, the bread or
buns may not brown as evenly as they do with top/bot-
tom heat particularly if the dough had not risen well.
You can also cook different dishes, e.g. starter,
main dish, dessert, as long as they need the same oven
temperature. Remember the different dishes may need
to be in the oven for different amounts of time.
Thaw frozen food at the lowest oven temperature
40°C. Then 200°C is a suitable temperature at which to
heat the food. When the food has thawed, use the
roasting sensor to make sure the food is heated to
about 70°C which makes a meal hot enough to be
The ovens



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