Maintenance And Cleaning - Electrolux EKG801100 User Manual

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Oven Cooking
Turn off the oven 5 minutes before the
end of cooking time, and use residual
heat to complete the cooking.
The thickness, the material and the
colour of the pan will influence the
cooking results.
When cooking, certain dishes increase
in volume, ensure the pan is large
To prevent fat dripping when roasting
use tall rim pans proportional to the
item being roasted.
Prick the skin of poultry and sausages
with a fork before cooking to avoid
Use heatproof glass dishes for soufflés.

Maintenance and cleaning

The oven should be kept clean at all
times. A build-up of fats or other
foodstuffs could result in a fire,
especially in the grill pan.
Before cleaning, ensure all control
knobs are in the OFF position, and
the appliance has cooled completely.
Before any maintenance or cleaning
can be carried out, you must
DISCONNECT the cooker from the
electricity supply.
Cleaning materials
Before using any cleaning materials on your
oven, check that they are suitable and that
the manufacturer recommends their use.
Cleaners that contain bleach should
NOT be used as they may dull the
surface finishes. Do not use a steam
cleaner for cleaner the oven and
hobs. Harsh abrasives should also be
External cleaning
Regularly wipe over the control panel, oven
door and door seal using a soft cloth well
The effects of dishes on cooking
Dishes and tins vary in their thickness,
conductivity, colour, etc. which affects the
way they transmit heat to the food inside
A Aluminium, earthenware, oven
glassware and bright shiny utensils
reduce cooking and base browning.
Enamelled cast iron, anodised
aluminium, aluminium with non-stick
interior and coloured exterior and dark,
heavy utensils increase cooking and
base browning.
wrung out in warm water to which a little
washing up liquid has been added.
In the case of stainless steel parts, you
may use commercially available stainless
steel cleaners with care. These also
provide a protective film against finger
To prevent damaging or weakening
the door glass panels avoid the use
of the following:
Household detergent and bleaches
Impregnated pads unsuitable for non
stick saucepans
Chemical oven pads or aerosols
Rust removers
Bath/Sink stain removers
Oven Cavity
The enamelled oven cavity is best cleaned
whilst the oven is still warm.
Wipe the oven over with a soft cloth
soaked in warm soapy water after each
use. From time to time it will be necessary
to do a more thorough cleaning, using a
proprietary oven cleaner.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents