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Electrolux EKC 6190 Instruction Book page 23

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to turn off the signal. It turns itself off
otherwise after about 2 minutes.
Remove the sensor from the socket in the oven
and remove the meat. Note that both oven and
sensor are hot.
When the oven has cooled down, replace the
protective socket cover.
Size, shape, quantity, the degree of fat marbling and
even the initial temperature of the meat all affect the out-
come and time of the grilling process. Fish, poultry, veal
and pork will not brown as much as the darker meats
such as beef and game. Vegetable oil and/or seasoning
will improve the colour, but it also increases the risk of
surface burning.
For best results, avoid grilling the food straight
from the refrigerator. Dry the surface of the meat,
place it on the oven shelf and season to taste. Place an
oven dish, ideally lined with foil, underneath the shelf
to catch the fat, etc. which runs off.
Pork chops, steaks and fish should be grilled high
up in the oven, while meats such as thick spare ribs are
better lower down.
Preheat the grill for 3–5 minutes. Keep an eye on
the food and turn it at least once. Grilling for too long
makes food dry, dull, and possibly burnt as well. The
oven door should be closed when grilling.
Flans and quiches
This function gives an excellent result without pre-
baking the flan case. Heat the oven to 200°C, i.e. the
preset temperature or change to required temperature.
Place the flan in the lower part or in the middle of the
Swift start (browning)
Excellent for browning au gratin dishes, toasted sand-
wiches, etc. You can also use this function to heat the
oven quickly to the set temperature. When the oven
has reached that temperature, you can then select
whichever function is required. It takes about 9-10
minutes to reach 200ºC. However, do not use this
method of rapid heating when baking biscuits or
The ovens



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