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Electrolux EKC60154 User Manual

Electrolux EKC60154 User Manual


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  • Page 1 Cooker EKC60154...
  • Page 3 Welcome to the world of Electrolux You've chosen a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that would make your life even more comfortable.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety ................4 Installation ..............6 Changing plinth height ........6 Adjusting the level ........7 Anti-tip guard ..........8 Electrical connections ........9 Base trim ............9 Safety functions ............10 The function lock ..........10 The extractor fan .........10 The door lock ..........11 Description of product .........12 The cooker ............12...
  • Page 5: Safety

    Safety These warnings have been provided in the interest of your safety. Ensure that you understand them all before installing or using this appliance. This cooker is intended for normal household use. Please let us know if you have views or questions about your cooker and its use.
  • Page 6 Never lay aluminium foil, plastic Maintenance & service material or similar on the ceramic glass Turn all the knobs to zero before plate. If a heating zone is turned on by replacing a burned-out oven light bulb. mistake, paper/plastic could burn or melt. Before you change the bulb, make sure Never leave a deep fat fryer, melting that the cooker is disconnected from the...
  • Page 7: Installation

    Installation Any work required on the cooker must be carried out by a QUALIFIED . The cooker is heavy. Edges EXPERT and corners with which you do not normally come into contact, can be sharp. when moving the SE GLOVES cooker.
  • Page 8: Adjusting The Level

    Changing plinth height If you want to change the height, first read through all the points below before you start. 1 Lay down the cooker gently ( ). Use, for example, the ILLUSTRATION polystyrene from the packaging between the cooker and the floor as protection.
  • Page 9: Anti-Tip Guard

    The anti-tip guard The anti-tip guard must be fitted to prevent the cooker from tipping under abnormal loading. The anti-tip guard only functions when the cooker has been pushed into position. into the hole in the back of the THIS HOW TO FIT THE ANTI cooker (B) when the cooker is GUARD ON THE COOKER pushed in (...
  • Page 10: Electrical Connections

    Electrical connections Any work required on the cooker must be carried out by a QUALIFIED . Work carried out by non- EXPERT qualified people can impair the cooker and cause injury to people and/or damage to property. The electrical installation is to include a device whereby it is possible to separate all the poles of the equipment from the power supply, with a contact opening of at least...
  • Page 11: Safety Functions

    Safety functions Function lock The function lock is built into the oven knob. NOTE! The main power supply to the cooker is not switched off. LOCK THE COOKER LIKE THIS SEE ILLUSTRATION Turn the knob anti-clockwise to The knob jumps out about 2 mm. In this position neither the heating zones nor the oven work.
  • Page 12: The Door Lock

    The door lock The door lock makes it difficult for children to open the door. The lock is engaged when the cooker is delivered, but can be disconnected as necessary. OPEN THE DOOR Move the lock to the right when opening the door.
  • Page 13: Description Of Product

    Description of product Cooker 1 Ceramic hob 2 Panel 3 Oven 4 Storage drawer 5 Plinth Oven 1 Top heat element 2 Heating element 3 Ovenlighting, 40W 4 Meat probe socket 5 Fan cover 6 Oven lighting, 25W 7 Fan 8 Bottom heat 9 Oven shelf runners, removable 10 Shelf positions...
  • Page 14: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Setting and changing the time After the appliance has been connected to the electrical supply or when there has been a power cut, the function indicator Time flashes automatically. 1. To change a time that has already been set, press the + button and the - button at the same time, until the function indicator Time...
  • Page 15: Burning Off The Oven

    Burn off the oven Keep children under supervision! The cooker gets very hot. Do not forget to remove the packing material from inside the oven. Before you use the oven for the first time, you must burn it off. Make sure that there is good ventilation by starting the extractor fan or opening a window.
  • Page 16: Removable Baking Plate Rails

    Removable baking plate rails To prevent scratches during transport, the removable baking plate rails are delivered with a protective film. This coating must be removed from the rails before they are used, otherwise it can burn fast and damage the rails. NOTE! Make sure that the cooker anti-tip guard is fitted, see page 8 The removable baking plate rails replace the...
  • Page 17 Using grids, plates and roasting pans It is important for the oven grid, the baking plate and the roasting pan to be fixed between the stops at the front and rear edges of the rails to prevent them from falling off the rails.
  • Page 18: Using The Ceramic Glass Plate

    Using the ceramic glass plate The ceramic glass plate has four heating zones. When you switch on a zone, it lights up for varying lengths of time depending on the level you have selected on the knob. Even at the highest setting, the zone will occasionally turn off in order to avoid over- heating.
  • Page 19: The Heating Zones

    Never use a cracked ceramic glass plate or a cooker with a cracked timer glass. Immediately after use (while the ceramic glass plate is still hot) use the scraper blade to remove sugar and boiled-over material with a high sugar content such as, for example, marmalade, as well as melted plastic and foil to avoid damage to the plate.
  • Page 20 Do this if you want to use the rear right-hand large heating zone: 1 Turn the knob clockwise past the symbol after the figure 12, 2 then turn the knob back to the desired position between 12 and 1. Zero the knob anti-clockwaise after use.
  • Page 21 In order to save both time and energy the bottom of a pan or frying-pan • must cover the zone completely. But if the bottom is too small, then boil- over can easily stick to the plate. • must be smooth or finely patterned. •...
  • Page 22: Using The Oven

    Using the oven It is normal for steam and condensation to form on the oven door. This condensation is from the food being cooked and does not influence safety or oven function. The oven is fitted with removable shelf rails with five levels The oven functions For all functions, the yellow control lamp on the control panel lights up during heating...
  • Page 23: Additional Functions

    Additional functions Either Countdown or Meat probe can be set. COUNTDOWN To set a countdown. MEAT PROBE To set a core temperature. Switching off the time display You can save energy by switching off the time display. To switch off the time display Press the + button and the - button at the same time until the display goes out.
  • Page 24: General Hints

    General Hints • After a function has been selected, the display flashes for about 5 seconds. While it flashes, the desired time can be set using the + or - buttons. • When the desired time has been set, the display flashes for another 5 seconds.
  • Page 25 When the time has elapsed, “0.00” is displayed and an audible signal sounds for 2 minutes. 3. The signal can be stopped by pressing any button. Meat probe Important: Only the meat probe supplied with the oven may be used. If replacing, please use only original replacement parts.
  • Page 26 As soon as the core temperature set is reached, an audible signal sounds. 5. Press any key to switch off the signal. 6. Turn oven function selector and temperature selector to the Off position. Warning: The meat probe is hot. There is a risk of being burned when removing the plug and the tip of the meat probe.
  • Page 27: Practical Use

    Practical use Never lay aluminium foil, a baking tray or a shelf directly on the bottom of the oven. If the bottom heater is blocked, the enamel can be damaged by over-heating. The oven becomes hot when used, KEEP AN EYE ON CHILDREN In the case of temperature changes and/or food such as pizza being unevenly placed on a shelf, there is risk that the shelf will warp.
  • Page 28 over 225°C it is better to use upper and lower heating. Baking with hot air baking becomes more rational, HOT AIR since two plates used at the same time in the oven means a shorter overall baking time. Browning can be rather uneven, especially if the rolled-out dough has not risen properly.
  • Page 29 Roasting Roasting in the oven is convenient and practical with both TOP AND BOTTOM . Beef steaks, such as HEATING HOT AIR roast beef and fillets, are juiciest when cooked at 125°C, but take a little longer time than at a higher oven temperature. Choose an oven-proof dish with low edges into which the roast just fits, this avoids the stock from drying in.
  • Page 30 Max. Grill The size, marble pattern (streaks of fat), the shape, quantity and temperature of the meat to be grilled all affect the time and the result. Fish and white meat (poultry, veal and pork) do not brown as easily as red meat (beef and game).
  • Page 31: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Never use a steam cleaner when cleaning the cooker! Cleaning the cooker The easiest way to clean the cooker is by using a clean cloth, hot water and a little washing-up liquid directly after the oven has been used.
  • Page 32: Cleaning The Ceramic Glass Plate

    Cleaning stainless steel surfaces APPLIES ONLY TO STAINLESS STEEL COOKERS The stainless steel surfaces are best cleaned with a soft cloth and the cleaning agent provided. You can also try window cleaning agents. If the surface is very dirty, you can try spirit such as technical spirit.
  • Page 33 The blade scraper EEP THE BLADE SCRAPER OUT OF . Use the THE REACH OF CHILDREN blade scraper with care, the blade is extremely sharp. Use the scraper to remove boil-over from the ceramic glass plate. Do not use the scraper or other sharp instruments on the silicon edge since this implies a safety risk and can cause damage.
  • Page 34: Cleaning The Oven

    Cleaning the oven To facilitate cleaning, remove the step units or The baking plate rails, see page 37. Removing the baking plate rails The baking plate rails are removed in the same way as the step units, see page 37. on the oven walls and HE CATALYSIS ENAMEL top is porous and has a certain self-cleaning...
  • Page 35: Removing The Oven Door

    MOOTH ENAMEL Do this if the bottom of the oven is very dirty: 1 Spill or boil-over that has become stuck can be loosened with a spatula or something similar. 2 Spread soft soap on the bottom of the oven with a sponge. 3 Close the door.
  • Page 36 Fitting the oven door 1 Make sure that the hinge unit is in its parking position. 2 Insert the hinge unit in the slot in the door. Press down so that the assembly spring clicks into position 3 Close the door. The oven door glass Do not use the door handle as a footstep.
  • Page 37 REMOVING THE CENTRE GLASS PANES IN THE DOOR 1 Grasp the central glass panes at their lower edge and push them Towards the oven door handle until they are free at the bottom (1). 2 Lift up the glass panes slightly and pull them out (2) Clean the glass FITTING THE CENTRAL GLASS PANES IN THE DOOR...
  • Page 38 Oven shelf rails It is possible to remove the oven shelf rails on both the right and left side walls to make it easier to clean the side walls. REMOVING THE OVEN SHELF RAILS First pull the front of the shelf rails away from the side of the oven (1) and then lift them away at the back (2).
  • Page 39 Super Clean accessories These accessories have a dirt-repellent coating and have a long life if properly looked after NOTE! SUPER Do not place CLEAN accessories on a hot ceramic glass plate since this can damage them. The accessories tolerate a temperature of up to 250°C.
  • Page 40: The Oven Light

    The oven light NOTE! Before you change the bulb, turn all the knobs to zero and make sure that the cooker is disconnected from the power supply. For cookers with a cable, pull out the plug. For other cookers, disconnect the power supply by using the universal pole switch.
  • Page 41: Storage Drawer

    5 Press the protective glass into position again and fit the step units. Storage drawer NOTE! Do not place chemicals or cleaning agents in the drawer. Do not stand in the oven drawer or on the handle. .1 Empty the drawer and pull it out to the ”stop”.
  • Page 42: Technical Data

    Technical data With reservations for possible changes. This equipment meets the demands in EC directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC. EKC60154 Width (mm): Height when delivered (mm): Depth: ENERGY EFFICIENCY CLASS ENERGY CONSUMPTION Conventional heating (kWh): 0.89 Hot air (kWh): 0.79 COOKING TIMES...
  • Page 43: European Guarantee

    European Guarantee This equipment is covered by an Electrolux Guarantee in all the countries listed below during the period covered by the Guarantee or the laws of the country concerned. If you move from one of these countries to another of the countries listed below, the Guarantee follows the equipment under the following conditions: •...
  • Page 45: Practical Advice And Tips

    Practical advice and tips Problem Cause Remedy Bread/yeasted doughs If the oven temperature is Check the set temperature too low, the dough can rise against recommendations in and sponge cakes fall flat. and then go down again and tables or recipes. become flat.
  • Page 46 Cakes/oven dishes are too If the oven temperature is Check that you have set the too high, the cakes/oven right temperature. brown. dishes become too brown before they are completely cooked. Food positioned too high in Check in the table or recipe the oven is receiving too that you have chosen the much top heating, when using...
  • Page 47: Problems And Remedies

    Problems and remedies Never do anything to the cooker that could injure people or damage the product. Below you will find suggestions as to what you can do yourself if there is a problem. If you need help - contact Service. Problem Cause/Remedy The cooker is receiving no power...
  • Page 48: Disposal

    Disposal 1 Disconnect the cooker from the wall outlet. 2 Cut off the cable as close to the back Of the cooker as possible. 3 Deactivate the door lock so that children cannot be locked inside the oven.
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