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Setting The Network Password - Mitsubishi Electric LAN CONTROL UTILITY Operation Manual

Lan control utility.
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8. ProjectorView
The following table explains each item.
Projector name
Installation date*
Projector location*
SMTP IP address*
E-mail address*
E-mail host*
E-mail From*
Last lamp replacement date*
Last maintenance date*
Mail Setting
PJLink Certification setting
Password setting
Network factory defaults
* Use alphanumerical characters, space, and symbols including + - / = * _ ! ? . , : ; # $ % & ( ) | < > [ ] { } " ' @ only.
• If lamp mode is set to "STANDARD", "Lamp hours" displayed may be longer than "Operating hours".

8.4. Setting the network password

(1) Click [PASSWORD] in the SETUP window.
• The window appears to enter the current network password.
(2) Enter the current network password and click [OK]. (The default is "admin".)
• If the password is correct, another window appears to enter a new one.
• If the password is wrong, the window returns to the SETUP window.
Enter a unique name to identity the projector.
Enter the date when the projector is installed.
Enter the place where the projector is located.
Enter the IP address of the SMTP server used for sending e-
Enter the E-mail address to receive alert messages.
(e.g. (Up to 64 alphanumerical characters)
Enter any hostname for the E-mail Internet header. (e.g. user)
Enter the sender of alert messages. (e.g.
Enter the date when the last change of lamp was made.
Enter the date when the last maintenance was done.
Choose whether to send alert messages.
Choose the display language of ProjectorView (Japanese or English).
Choose whether to set the PJLink certification setting.
Click [PASSWORD] to access the network password setting window. (For details,
see "8.4. Setting the network password".)
Click [RESET] to access the network settings reset window. (For details, see "8.5.
Resetting the network settings".)


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