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Mitsubishi Electric LAN CONTROL UTILITY Operation Manual Page 23

Lan control utility.
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8. ProjectorView
ProjectorView main window (REMOTE CONTROL)
When you click REMOTE CONTROL, the Remote Control window is displayed. You can click the buttons
displayed in the window to remotely control the projector. Buttons with red text show the projector's current status.
The status displayed in this window is updated in regular intervals. You can also manually update the status by
clicking GET STATUS.
E-mail notification feature
When there is something wrong with the projector, an E-mail notification is automatically sent to the designated
address to post an alert or error message.
To use this feature, enter the SMTP IP address, E-mail address, E-mail hostname, and sender in the Setup window.
(For details, see "8.3. Entering projector information".)
Once you have configured the above settings, the E-mail notification feature remains enabled even after your web
browser (the ProjectorView window) is closed.
An example: Sending an alert message when the lamp reaches end of life
ProjectorView Alert:
Lamp life expired. Replace lamp and reset lamp hours. For details, refer to the User Manual of the projector.
Projector name : abc
Projector model : XY1234
Projector location : 10Factory-5F
Serial number: 123456789
Operating hours : 2146 hours, 43 minutes
Lamp hours : 5000 hours, 0 minute
Installation date : 2008/01/01
Last lamp replacement date : 2008/01/01
Last maintenance date : 2008/01/01
"Projector model" and "Serial number" may not be displayed depending on the type of projectors.
display the window on the left.
INFORMATION] to display the main
Click to obtain the status of the
projector. The window is updated
It may take time to update the
These are virtual remote control
For details, see the description of
the remote control button/key in User
These buttons are used to control
the projector's power, input source,
and lamp mode.


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