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Korg Triton Le Basic Manual: Arpeggiator Settings; Arpeggiator Settings For A Program; Arpeggiator On/off

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This chapter describes the procedure for making
arpeggiator settings in each mode. For details on the
arpeggiator function, refer to "Using the arpeggiator
while you play" ( p.26).
Arpeggiator settings for a pro-

Arpeggiator on/off

Each time you press the [ARP ON/OFF] key, the
arpeggiator will be switched on or off. When on, the
[ARP ON/OFF] key will light. When you play the key-
board, an arpeggio will play according to the selected
arpeggio pattern.
The on/off setting is stored when the program is

Arpeggiator settings

1 Select the PROG 6.1: Ed-Arp., Arpeg. Setup page.
2 Use " (Tempo)" to set the tempo.
You can adjust the tempo by rotating REALTIME
CONTROLS C-mode [TEMPO] knob. The LED will
blink at the specified tempo.
If "MIDI Clock" (GLOBAL 2.1: MIDI) is set to
External, the display will indicate " = EXT." This
setting lets you synchronize the tempo with an
external MIDI device. In this case, it will not be
possible to change the tempo on the TRITON Le.
3 In "Pattern," select the arpeggio pattern.
You can select from preset arpeggio patterns P000–
P004 and user arpeggio patterns U000 (INT)–215
The way in which the pattern is played will depend
on settings such as "Octave" and "Sort." P000–P004
in the following diagrams show how the arpeggio
will be played when "Octave" is set to 1, and "Sort"
is checked. P004: RANDOM is one possibility.
Arpeggiator settings
P000: UP
P001: DOWN
P002: ALT1
P003: ALT2
U000 (INT)–U199 (INT)
With the factory settings, various arpeggio patterns
are preloaded. These include a variety of patterns
such as drum or bass phrases, or guitar or keyboard
backing riffs ( VNL).
U200 (User) – U215 (User)
With the factory settings, these do not contain pat-


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