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7. Using controllers to record tonal
Let's try using the realtime controllers and the joystick
to add effects to the performance that we just step-
recorded on track 8.
1 Press the [EXIT] key, and then press the [F6]
("Pref.") key to move to the SEQ 1.1: Play/Rec,
Preference page.
2 Set the "Recording Mode" to Over Dub.
Over Dub allows you to add to a previously-
recorded track.
3 For "Track Select," make sure that T08: Lead Synth
is selected.
Press the [START/STOP] key to start playback, and
operate the realtime controllers and joystick to
rehearse. When you are finished rehearsing, press
the [START/STOP] key to stop. Press the [LOCATE]
4 Start recording.
Press the [REC/WRITE] key, and then press the
After a two-measure count-in, recording will begin.
realtime controllers or the joystick (±Y axis) to
record their movements.
When you are finished performing, press the
If you make a mistake or want to re-record, press
the [COMPARE] key to execute the Compare func-
tion, and then re-record.
8. Saving the song
Remember to save the song you created. The data will
be lost when the power of the TRITON Le is turned off.
Refer to p.45 for the Save procedure.
Convenient functions for song production and
checking the track settings
Monitoring just a specific track/Muting just
a specific track (Solo/Mute functions)
The TRITON Le provides a Solo function that lets you
play only a specific track 1–16, and a Mute function
that silences only a specific track. These functions can
be used in various ways. For example you can inten-
tionally mute or solo specific tracks, or listen only to
the rhythm section of the previously-recorded tracks
while you record new tracks.
Let's try out the Mute and Solo functions.
1 In SEQ 1.1: Play/REC, press the [F2] ("Prog..8") key
to access the Program page.
Press the [START/STOP] key.
2 Select the track 1 "PLAY/MUTE/REC, " and press
the [INC] key once.
The display will change to "MUTE," and the play-
back of track 1 will no longer be heard. In this way,
the "mute" function allows you to silence a speci-
fied track unil the track is un-muted.
Select the track 2 "PLAY/MUTE/REC" and press
the [INC] key once.
When selecting the parameters of various tracks as
above, you can also make your selection by hold-
ing down the [TIMBRE/TRACK] key and pressing
one of the [F1] (T1/T9)–[F8] (T8/T16) keys.
The display will change, and the playback of track 2
will also be muted.
To cancel muting, press the "PLAY/MUTE/REC"
and press the [DEC] key.
3 Next select the track 1 "SOLO On/Off" and press
the [INC] key once.
The display will change, and now only the track 1
playback will be heard. In this way, the Solo func-
tion lets you hear only a specified track.
If both Mute and Solo are used, the Solo function
will be given priority.)
Press the track 2 "SOLO On/Off" and press the
[INC] key once.


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