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Korg Triton Le Basic Manual: Simple Combination Editing; An Example Of Editing

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Simple combination editing

A combination is a set of multiple (up to eight) pro-
grams, and allows you to create complex sounds that
could not be produced by a single program.
Combination editing refers to the process of modify-
ing the sound of a combination by changing the pro-
gram selected for each timbre or adjusting the
keyboard range and velocity range, or by modifying
the controller, and effect settings.
You can edit a combination in COMBI 2.1: Ed-Prog/
Mix–7.2: Ed-MasterFX, but can also make settings for
"Program Select, "Pan," and "Volume" in COMBI 1.1
Play as well.
An example of editing
As an example, here's how to do some simple editing
on combination Bank C064: Modern Piano.
1 Press the [COMBI] key (the key will light) to enter
Combination mode.
2 Select Bank C064: Modern Piano.
This combination layers (simultaneously sounds)
the programs of timbre 1 and timbre 2. Timbre 1
sounds B001: Attack Piano, a piano with a crisp
attack. Timbre 2 sounds C033: Vintage EP, a classic
electric piano. These two programs are layered to
produce a piano-type sound that you may have
heard in various contexts.
A timbre consists a of program together with mul-
tiple parameters that control that program. A com-
bination can use up to eight of these timbres.
Selecting the program for a timbre
3 Select the Prog page.
Press the [F2] ("Prog") key. Now you can specify the
programs for timbres 1–8.
4 Now let's change the program of timbre 2 to a dif-
ferent program.
Use the cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] to select
"Program Select" for timbre 2 (it will be high-
Timbre 1
Timbre 2
You can directly select the program for a timbre by
holding down the [TIMBRE/TRACK] key and
pressing the nearest [F1]–[F8] key. You can select
pan or volume in the same way.
For this example, select A003: Legato Strings. This
is a layered combination with piano and rich
strings. Then consecutively press the [A] key, the [3]
key, and the [ENTER] key.
Alternatively, the program for a timbre can be
selected by category.
Choose "Program Select," and press the [CATE-
GORY] key.
The Select by Category dialog box will appear.
Use the [F1] ("
"), [F2] ("
"), and [F4] ("
desired category. For example if you want to select
string-type programs rather than the 00: Keyboard
category shown in the above display, press the [F2]
") key three times to select 03: Strings.
You can use the cursor keys [ ], [ ] to successively
select string-type programs.
When you are happy with the selected program,
press the [F8] ("OK") key to finalize your selection.
"), [F3]
") keys to select the


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