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Korg Triton Le Basic Manual: Loading Data; Types Of Data That Can Be Loaded; Data Loading Procedure

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Inserting SmartMedia
Insert the SmartMedia into the slot so that the contacts
are facing upward.
Insert the media gently, and straight into the slot.
Push the media in until it no longer protrudes from the
rear panel.
Pressing the media with excessive force will cause mal-
Removing SmartMedia
Pull the media out of the slot without using excessive
If you are unable to remove the media, do not use
force. Contact your Korg distributor for help.
Files that can be loaded
DOS files
.PCG file
.SNG file

Loading data

Types of data that can be loaded
The data that can be loaded from external media (e.g.,
SmartMedia) is shown in the diagram below. ( For
details on each type of data, refer to PG p.139)
If the EXB-SMPL option is installed, data can also be
loaded from media such as a hard disk or CD-ROM.
Data loading procedure
Loading Programs, Combinations, Drum
kits, User arpeggio patterns, and Global
settings (loading a .PCG file)
As an example, here's how to load a .PCG file. A .PCG
file contains programs, combinations, drum kits, user
arpeggiator patterns, and global settings (see diagram
Select this if you have used "Save All" or "Save PCG"
to save your own original programs and combinations,
and want to reload this data.
DOS directory
Undefined DOS file
All programs
1 program
1 program
bank [A–D]
1 combination
All combinations
1 combination
bank [A–C]
1 drum kit group
All drum kits
1 drum kit
All user arpeggio
1 user arpeggio
1 user arpeggio
pattern group
Global settings
Cue list
1 song
1 user pattern
DOS file
.MID file
.EXL file
.KMP file
.KSF file
.KSC file
.AIF file
.WAV file
AKAI format program file
AKAI format sample file


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