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Korg Triton Le Basic Manual: Controller Settings; Pitch Settings

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Notes played on the keyboard at a velocity less than
the value you specify will sound the Low multisam-
ple; velocities at or above this velocity value will
sound the High multisample.
For example if you set "Velocity SW L H" to 100,
playing the keyboard softly will sound the "Low"
multisample, and playing strongly will sound the
"High" multisample.
3 Adjust the "Level" for High and Low multisam-
ples to set their volume balance.
If you do not wish to use this function, set the
"Velocity SW L
H" value to 001. Only the High
multisample will sound.
Rev (Reverse) check box
If this is checked, the multisample will be played back-
ward. This can produce interesting results when used
on sound-effects, etc. Normally you will not check this.
When "Oscillator Mode" = Double
To use OSC2, set "Mode (Oscillator Mode)" to Double
in the Basic (Prog Basic) page.
In the same way as for OSC1, you can set High and
Low multisamples for OSC2.
The playback pitch can be set independently. By using
the same multisample with slightly different "Tune"
settings, you can "detune" the oscillators to produce a
richer sound.
It will be convenient to use the Utility "Copy
Oscillator" to make the oscillator settings match
each other.
When "Oscillator Mode" = Drums
In the Basic (Prog Basic) page, set "Mode (Oscillator
Mode)" to Drums. When this is set to Drums, you will
be able to create a drum program.
This will select a drum kit instead of a multisample.
This instrument provides sixteen factory preset drum
kits that are suitable for a wide variety of music.
( Drumkit name, VNL)
Here you can only select a drum kit. To edit or create a
drum kit, use GLOBAL 5.1: DKit ( p.94).
The following multisamples or drum kits can be used
for the oscillator.
• 425 internal multisamples (ROM)
• Multisamples (RAM) created in Sampling mode (if
the EXB-SMPL option is installed)
(You can create programs using multisamples/sam-
ples that were sampled in Sampling mode or loaded
in Media mode.)
• Nine internal drum kits (ROM)
• 24 user drum kits created in Global mode
(Drum samples can be freely assigned to each key to
create a drum kit. For the sound of each key, you can
make filter and amp settings, and specify routing to
the effects and to the individual audio outputs.)
V.Zone (Velocity Zone) page
Here you can specify the range of velocities that will
sound oscillators 1 and 2. In the example shown above,
the velocity ranges are as follows.
• OSC1 will sound for all velocity values.
• OSC2 will sound only for strongly played notes (64
and above).
• You can use Velocity Multisample Switching in
addition to this ( "High Multisample, Low
Multisample"). For this example, set "OSC1" in
"Velocity SW L H" to 32 and "OSC2" to 96. The
settings are shown as vertical lines in the velocity
zone display.
In this example, the multisamples will sound over
four levels.
Velocity values 001–031:
sound only the OSC1 Low multisample.
Velocity values 032–063:
sound only the OSC1 High multisample.
Velocity values 064–095:
sound the OSC1 High multisample and the OSC2
Low multisample.
Velocity values 096–127:
sound the OSC1 High multisample and the OSC2
High multisample.

Controller settings

Ctrls (Controls) page
For each program, this tab lets you make settings for
the [SW1] and [SW2,] and for the B-mode of REAL-
TIME CONTROLS knobs [1]–[4] ( p.115, PG p.9, 220,

Pitch settings

Here you can specify how the pitch of the multisample
selected for the oscillator will change. Pitch EG and
LFO settings allow the pitch to varied over time.
The parameters of the OSC2 page and OSC2lfo page
are valid only if "Mode (Oscillator Mode)" is set to
2.2: Ed–Ctrl
3.1: Ed–Pitch


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