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Korg Triton Le Basic Manual: Media Mode; How Media Mode Is Organized; Media That Can Be Used; Formatting Media

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How Media mode is organized
In Media mode you can use SmartMedia or a con-
nected external SCSI device (if the separately sold EXB-
SMPL is installed) to save or load various types of
data. You can also make settings related to saving and
loading functionality.
For details on connecting an external SCSI device and
setting the SCSI ID, refer to refer to the manual
included with the EXB-SMPL.
Media that can be used
SmartMedia is not included. It must be purchased
The TRITON Le supports SmartMedia with a power
supply voltage of 3.3V and capacities of 4 M–128
Mbytes, and SmartMedia with ID.
* SmartMedia™ is a registered trademark of the Toshiba Corpora-
External SCSI storage media
If the EXB-SMPL option (sold separately) is installed,
the TRITON Le can save data on external SCSI media
(maximum 4 GB) such as a hard disk, Zip, Jaz, ORB, or
MO drive.
When the EXB-SMPL option is installed, an external
SCSI device of up to 4 GB can be formatted.
When you insert media for the first time after turn-
ing on the power, or after changing disks, you
must press a function key etc. to make the
TRITON Le detect the media. When the disk (or
other media) is recognized, media information will
appear in the LCD screen.
If more than one volume of media is currently rec-
ognized, select "Media" and use the [INC]/[DEC]
keys to switch between media.
The TRITON Le cannot format media with a format
of other than 512 bytes/block (such as 640 MB, 1.3
GB MO disks etc.).

Media mode

Formatting media
SmartMedia or external SCSI media (via the EXB-
SMPL option) must be formatted.
Newly purchased media or media that has been used
by another device cannot be used immediately on the
TRITON Le. It must first be formatted for use on the
The TRITON Le supports MS-DOS format.
For the formatting procedure, refer to "Format" ( PG
Media must be formatted. SmartMedia or external
SCSI media that was formatted on a device other
than the TRITON Le may not be recognized cor-
It is not possible to format media of other than 512
bytes per block (e.g., 640 Mbyte or 1.3 Gbyte MO
Caution when handling SmartMe-
Handling SmartMedia
• Do not fold or bend the SmartMedia card, or
subject it to strong physical shock or high
• Never transport the TRITON Le with SmartMedia
left in the slot. Vibration may scratch the
SmartMedia, making it unusable.
• Do not touch the contacts of the SmartMedia. Doing
so may cause static electricity to damage the card.
After use, keep the card in its static-resistant case.
• Never remove the SmartMedia from the slot while
load, save, or format operations are being
performed in Media mode.
SmartMedia write protect
If you want to prevent accidental erasure or overwrit-
ing of the data saved on SmartMedia, affix a write pro-
tect sticker as shown below.
If you once again want to save edited data on the
SmartMedia, remove the sticker.
Write protect sticker


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