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Korg Triton Le Basic Manual: Recording The Sounds Of A Combination

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Do not check "Key Sync."
Press the [ARP ON/OFF] key. (The key will light.)
3 In the SEQ 1.1: Play/REC, Preference page, check
the "Multi REC" check box.
If "Recording Mode" is set to Loop All Tracks," it
will not be possible to select Multi REC. Set the
"Recording Mode" to Over Write.
4 Select the 1.1: Play/REC, Program page.
For all tracks, the "PLAY/MUTE/REC" indication
will show REC.
The track played by RPPR will be recorded simulta-
neously with the track played by the arpeggiator.
Set "PLAY/MUTE/REC" to PLAY or MUTE for all
tracks other than tracks 1 and 2, which we will be
Make sure that "Track Select" is set to T02: Bass.
Your keyboard playing on keys not assigned to the
RPPR function can be recorded on the track speci-
fied by "Track Select."
5 In the 1.1: Play/REC, Play/REC page, make sure
that the "RPPR" check box is checked.
6 Press the [LOCATE] key to set the location to
7 Press the [REC/WRITE] key, and then press the
Press a key that plays an RPPR pattern, and one or
more keys that play the arpeggiator.
If you press a key during the pre-count before
recording, the pattern playback and arpeggio per-
formance will begin simultaneously when recording
begins, and will be recorded.
Record the RPPR pattern playback and arpeggio
When recording the playback of patterns triggered
by RPPR, the timing of the recorded events may be
slightly skewed. If this occurs, try setting "Reso"
(Realtime Quantize Resolution) to a setting other
than Hi.
8 When you are finished performing, press the
Recording will end, and the sequencer will return to
the location at which recording began.
If you made a mistake during your performance or
would like to re-record, you can use the Compare
function (press the [COMPARE] key) to re-record as
many times as you wish.
9 If you want to record other tracks, un-check the
"Multi REC" or "RPPR" check boxes as necessary.
In step 3, uncheck the "Multi REC" check box to
defeat multi-track recording.
In step 5, uncheck the "RPPR" check box to turn
off the RPPR function.
Recording the sounds of a combi-
Here's how you can copy the sounds of a combination
to multiple tracks, and record your performance.
Make sure that the global MIDI channel (GLOBAL
2.1: MIDI, "MIDI Channel") is set to 01.
1 Create a new song. ( p.69)
2 Execute the Utility menu command "Copy From
A dialog box will appear.
Select the combination that you want to copy (i.e.,
the copy source).
Press the COMBI BANK [A] key, then press numeric
keys [6], [7], and finally press the [ENTER] key.
B099: Steely Keys will be selected.
We will copy the effect settings of the combination
as well, so check the "With Effects" check box.
Since we want to copy the settings of the combina-
tion's eight timbres to tracks 1–8, select Track 1 to 8.
Press the [F8] ("OK") key to execute the copy.
3 In the SEQ 1.1: Play/REC, Preference page, check
the "Multi REC" check box. ( p.75)
When you perform multi-track recording, the multi-
ple channels that are being sounded by the arpeg-
giator will be recorded simultaneously.
4 Set the tracks not being recorded (i.e., tracks 9–16)
to PLAY or MUTE. ( p.67)
5 Set "Track Select" to 01.


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