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Press the [F8] ("OK") key. The Set Sample Tempo
dialog box will appear.
4 Specify the number of quarter-note beats in the
sample, and its tempo.
If you know the BPM, set "Source BPM."
If you do not know the BPM, set "Beat" and the
BPM will be calculated automatically. Since in this
example we do know the beat, set "Source BPM" to
5 Press the [F8] ("OK") key.
The sample will automatically be sliced, and a dia-
log box will appear.
When you play the keyboard, C2 will play the origi-
nal sample (Source), and D2 and subsequent keys
will play the divided sample. You can change
"Index" and press the [AUDITION] key to play the
sample that is selected by "Index."
While listening to each divided sample, adjust
"Sensitivity" so that each drum strike or other
rhythm instrument sound is divided into its own
sample. In some cases, it may not be possible to slice
the sample cleanly even if you adjust "Sensitivity."
If the attack of the next sound is included in the end
of the preceding sample, or if one sample contains
two notes, you will need to edit the samples. ( PG
6 Press the [F6] ("Save") key.
The save dialog box will appear.
Here you can save the time-sliced sample and the
automatically-created multisample. You can set the
"With" items to specify the save destination for the
program that uses the samples and multisample,
and the pattern data for the rhythm loop sample
used by the Sequencer mode.
For this example, set the "With" items as shown in
the illustration. (Default setting)
Set "Program," " Seq.Event" to On (checked)
Program: D064
Song: 000, Track: T01
7 Press the [F8] ("Save") key to execute the save
operation, and you will return to the dialog box of
step 5.
8 Press the [F7] ("Exit") key to return to the screen of
step 2.
9 Press the [SEQ] key to enter Sequencer mode, and
set "Song Select" to 000.
The following song data that you specified in steps
6–8 will be automatically set/created.
• 1.1: Play/REC, Play/REC
Song: 000, Tempo: 120
• 1.1: Play/REC, Prog..8
Track01 Program: D064
• 1.2: Loop, Track PlayLoop
Loop On: On, Loop Start Meas: 1, Loop End
Meas: 1
• 5.2: Track Edit, Track01: playback data (D2–)
0 Press the [START/STOP] key to start playback.
Try setting " (Tempo)" to (for example) 100. Notice
that the pitch does not change even if you change
the playback tempo.
If the beat of the rhythm loop sample is not repro-
duced correctly or if noise becomes obtrusive
when you change the tempo, the problem is that
the slice settings in step 5 were not made opti-
mally. The quality of the result when the playback
tempo is modified is significantly affected by how
cleanly each individual rhythm instrument was
divided. Go back to step 5 and adjust the separa-
tion of each sample.
In some cases the results may not sound natural.
For example, regions of silence between samples
may become apparent when you play back at a
slower tempo, or noise may occur between sam-
ples when the tempo is speeded up. To avoid such
problems, set Stretch "New BPM" or "Ratio" in
step 6 to the desired tempo, and execute Time
Stretch to adjust the length of each sample. ( PG
p.110 9)


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