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Grizzly g0602 Owner's Manual: Ball Oilers

10" x 22" bench top lathe.
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ball oilers

oil type .... grizzly t23963 or iso 32 equivalent
oil Amount ................................ 1 or 2 squirts/Fill
lubrication Frequency ................................. daily
this lathe has 10 ball oilers that should be oiled
on a daily basis before beginning operation.
proper lubrication of ball oilers is done with a
pump-type oil can that has a plastic or rubber-
figure 80. Change gear ball oilers.
ized cone tip. We do not recommend using metal
needle or lance tips, as they can push the ball too
far into the oiler, break the spring seat, and lodge
Ball oiler
the ball in the oil galley.
lubricate the ball oilers before and after machine
use, and more frequently under heavy use. When
lubricating ball oilers, first clean the outside sur-
face to remove any dust or grime. push the tip of
the oil can nozzle against the ball oiler to create
a hydraulic seal, then pump the oil can once or
twice. if you see sludge and contaminants coming
out of the lubrication area, keep pumping the oil
Ball oiler
can until the oil runs clear. When finished, wipe
away any excess oil.
figure 81. Carriage and cross slide ball oilers.
refer to figures 79–83 to identify the location of
each ball oiler.
Ball oiler
Ball oilers
figure 82. tailstock ball oiler.
Ball oiler
figure 79. spindle bearing ball oilers.
figure 83. leadscrew end bearing ball oilers.
Model G0602/G0752 (Mfg. Since 11/12)


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