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Grizzly G0694 Owner's Manual

20" x 43" heavy-duty variable speed wood lathe.
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20" X 43" HEAVY-DUTY
Copyright © JULy, 2009 By grizzLy indUstriaL, inC.
(For modeLs manUFaCtUred sinCe 1/09) #trCrBLtsJB11817 printed in taiWan


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  • Page 1

    OWNER'S MANUAL Copyright © JULy, 2009 By grizzLy indUstriaL, inC. WARNING: NO PORTION Of THIS MANUAL MAY BE REPRODUcED IN ANY SHAPE OR fORM WITHOUT THE WRITTEN APPROVAL Of GRIzzLY INDUSTRIAL, INc. (For modeLs manUFaCtUred sinCe 1/09) #trCrBLtsJB11817 printed in taiWan...

  • Page 2

    This manual provides critical safety instructions on the proper setup, operation, maintenance and service of this machine/equipment. Failure to read, understand and follow the instructions given in this manual may result in serious personal injury, including amputation, electrocution or death. The owner of this machine/equipment is solely responsible for its safe use.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ... 10 Unpacking ... 10 inventory ... 11 Cleanup ... 12 site Considerations ... 13 moving & placing Lathe ... 14 mounting to shop Floor ... 15 test run ... 16 SEcTION 4: OPERATIONS ... 18 Basic Controls ... 18 operation overview ...

  • Page 4: Introduction

    P.O. Box 2069 Bellingham, WA 98227-2069 Email: Machine Description the g0694 20" x 43" heavy-duty Variable speed Wood Lathe is designed to turn wood stock so the operator can remove material with a hand held cutting tool called a chisel.

  • Page 5: Identification

    E. spur Center G. tool rest H. tool rest height adjustment Lock tool rest holder Lock tailstock K. Live Center model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Identification figure 1. identification. Quill M. Quill Lock N. Quill adjustment handwheel O. tailstock Base Lock P.

  • Page 6: Machine Data Sheet

    Machine Data Sheet Customer Service #: (570) 546-9663 · To Order Call: (800) 523-4777 · Fax #: (800) 438-5901 MODEL G0694 20" X 43" HEAVY-DUTY VARIABLE SPEED Product Dimensions: Weight... 578 lbs. Length/Width/Height... 103 x 25 x 49-1/2 in. Foot Print (Length/Width)... 77 x 16-1/2 in.

  • Page 7

    The information contained herein is deemed accurate as of 7/16/2009 and represents our most recent product specifications. Model G0694 Due to our ongoing improvement efforts, this information may not accurately describe items previously purchased. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) PAGE 2 OF 2...

  • Page 8: Section 1: Safety

    Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair and wear non-slip footwear. 6. NEVER OPERATE MACHINERY WHEN TIRED OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF OPERATING DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. Be mentally alert at all times when running machinery. OPERATING MACHINERY. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 9

    15. MAKE SURE GUARDS ARE IN PLACE AND WORK CORRECTLY BEFORE USING MACHINERY. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) 16. REMOVE CHUCK KEYS OR ADJUSTING TOOLS. Make a habit of never leaving chuck keys or other adjustment tools in/on the machine—especially near spindles!

  • Page 10: Additional Safety For Wood Lathes

    Like all machinery there is potential danger when operating this lathe. Accidents are frequently caused by lack of familiarity or failure to pay attention. Use this lathe with respect and caution to reduce the risk of operator injury. If normal safety precautions are overlooked or ignored, serious personal injury may occur.

  • Page 11: Section 2: Circuit Requirements

    Circuit size ... 15 amps model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Power connection Device the type of plug required to connect your machine to power depends on the type of service you cur- rently have or plan to install.

  • Page 12: Section 3: Setup

    Wear safety glasses dur- ing the entire setup pro- cess! The Model G0694 is a heavy machine (approx. 580 lbs.) Serious per- sonal injury may occur if safe moving methods are not used. To be safe,...

  • Page 13: Inventory

    (mfg. since 1/09) figure 3. model g0694 small component inventory. SUffOcATION HAzARD! Immediately discard all plas-...

  • Page 14: Cleanup

    (Do not use a metal scraper or you may scratch your machine.) Repeat Steps 2–3 as necessary until clean, then coat all unpainted surfaces with a quality metal protectant to prevent rust. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) inhaled.

  • Page 15: Site Considerations

    Only install in an access restricted location. 220V Single-Phase Power Source 30" model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Physical Environment The physical environment where your machine is operated is important for safe operation and the longevity of its components. For best results,...

  • Page 16: Moving & Placing Lathe

    Moving & Placing Lathe The Model G0694 is a heavy machine (approx. 580 lbs.) Serious per- sonal injury may occur if safe moving methods are not used. To be safe, get assistance and use power lifting equipment rated for at least 750 lbs.

  • Page 17: Mounting To Shop Floor

    Re-check the bedways two weeks after the initial placement of the machine, then annu- ally thereafter. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Bolting to concrete floors anchor studs and lag shield anchors with lag bolts (figure 8) are two popular methods for anchor- ing an object to a concrete floor.

  • Page 18: Test Run

    Never resume turning operations without making sure that the spindle lock is disengaged and the spindle turns freely by hand. Otherwise personal injury or property damage could result. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) spindle Lock Lever...

  • Page 19

    Call tech support for help. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) 10. Verify that the power is not connected out of phase by starting/stopping the machine in the FWD direction and determining if the spindle...

  • Page 20: Section 4: Operations

    OMMEND that you read books, review industry trade magazines, or get formal training before beginning any projects. Regardless of the content in this section, Grizzly Industrial will not be held liable for accidents caused by lack of training. -18- Basic controls...

  • Page 21: Operation Overview

    11. starts the lathe and dust collector, adjusts the lathe speed, and carefully begins the turning operation, keeping the chisel against the tool rest the entire time it is cutting. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Stock Inspection & Requirements some workpieces are not safe to turn or may require modification before they are safe to turn.

  • Page 22: Tailstock

    Always operate the lathe with the tool rest holder firmly locked to the bed. Otherwise, the workpiece can be ejected causing seri- ous personal injury. tool rest holder model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 23: Outboard Tool Rest

    14. tool rest position relative to workpiece. re-tighten the tool rest lock handle to secure the tool rest in position. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Outboard Tool Rest When the workpiece is larger than 20" in diam- ⁄ " away eter, mount the workpiece on the outboard side of ⁄...

  • Page 24: Installing/removing Headstock Center

    17. Knockout rod figure 17. removing the headstock center. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 25: Installing/removing Tailstock Center

    (mfg. since 1/09) To remove the center from the tailstock quill: Loosen the quill lock handle. hold the center with a rag or a glove so the center does not fall to the floor when it is pushed free of the tailstock.

  • Page 26: Installing Faceplate/handwheel

    Lock o'clock locked position to the twelve o'clock Lever unlocked position. Removing faceplate or Handwheel apply the spindle lock, loosen the four set screws, and unthread the faceplate or handwheel. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 27: Adjusting Spindle Speeds

    Adjusting Spindle Speeds the model g0694 has three speed ranges for maximum turning options. these ranges are selected by changing belt positions on the motor and spindle pulleys (figure 21). = Low Range 100-1000 RPM = Mid Range 1000-2000 RPM...

  • Page 28: Indexing

    Never resume turning operations without making sure that the spindle lock is disengaged and the spindle turns freely by hand. Otherwise machine damage could result. Indexing numbered holes shown through Viewing Window. window. NOTICE model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 29: Selecting Turning Tools

    (usually at an angle of 20°–40°). figure 27. example of a skew chisel. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Scrapers—typically used where access for • other tools is limited, such as hollowing oper- ations.

  • Page 30: Spindle Turning

    " deep saw kerfs in the same end of the workpiece along the diagonal lines marked in Step 1. Note: If your workpiece is over 2" x 2", cut the corners off the workpiece lengthwise to make turning safer and easier. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 31

    Loosen the quill lock handle and rotate the tailstock handwheel to push the live center into the workpiece at least a model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) " into the end of Do not press the workpiece too firmly with the tailstock or the bearings will bind and overheat.

  • Page 32: Faceplate Turning

    Center the faceplate on the workpiece and attach it with wood screws that do not have tapered heads. thread and secure the faceplate onto the headstock spindle (refer to Headstock/ faceplate on Page 24 for faceplate mount- ing instructions). model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 33: Outboard Turning

    Note: Allow the glue to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. attach the faceplate as detailed in the previ- ous subsection. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Outboard Turning Keep the lathe chisel against the tool rest the ENTIRE time you are cutting or when feeding the chisel into the workpiece.

  • Page 34: Sanding/finishing

    Sandpaper Wrapping the sandpa- per completely around the workpiece could pull your hands into the mov- ing workpiece and cause serious wrap sandpaper or finish- ing materials completely Workpiece around the workpiece. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) injury. Never...

  • Page 35: Section 5: Accessories

    " gouge. Comes in a beautiful blow molded carrying case. an extremely popular set! figure 42. model h1064 6-pC Chisel set. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) G3167—1 this threaded insert is required to mount a 3- or 4-jaw chuck to your wood lathe.

  • Page 36

    "dig-in." ⁄ " production turners can also load and unload their ⁄ " diamond work while the lathe is still running! figure 46. robert sorby stebcentre. ⁄ "– ⁄ " x JT#3 model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 37: Section 6: Maintenance

    ® Spindle Bearing Lubrication the tapered roller bearings on the g0694 spindle are pre-lubricated by the factory, but they will require re-lubrication over time. after the first year of use, clean and lubricate the spindle bearings, and thereafter repeat every two years. if the lathe is to be used daily, clean and re-lubricate bearings annually.

  • Page 38

    50. Loosening set screw on outboard outboard mounting hub set screws mounting spanner adapter mounting hub adapter. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 39: General Lubrication

    16. reinstall the outboard mounting hub adapter, mounting hub, and handwheel in the reverse order. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) General Lubrication an essential part of lubrication maintenance is cleaning the components before lubricating them.

  • Page 40: Outboard Tool Rest

    Clean each center with mineral spirits and a rag, the place several drops of light machine oil on a rag and wipe each center down. reinstall each center according to the instructions on 22 and 23. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 41: Section 7: Service

    6. motor mount loose/broken. 7. Workpiece, center, or faceplate is at fault or mounted incorrectly. 8. motor bearings are at fault. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Troubleshooting possible solution 1. rotate button to reset/replace it. 2. replace button.

  • Page 42: Wood Lathe Operation

    1. tighten so lever locks at horizontal position. 2. Clean bedway surface to remove excess oil/ grease. 1. turn the quill handwheel until it forces taper out of barrel. always make sure that taper surfaces are clean. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 43: Belt Adjustment

    Belt/Bearing Service on Page 42. —if there is deflection in the belt, proceed to the tensioning Belt subsection. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Tensioning Belt disConneCt Lathe From poWer! Loosen the motor lock lever shown in figure 56, raise the motor up using the height lever, then let the motor hang down on its own weight to tension the belt.

  • Page 44: Changing Belt/bearing Service

    Loosen the set screws on the spanner nut, use a hammer and a punch to knock it loose, as shown in figure 59, then remove it. figure 59. Unseating outboard spanner nut. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 45

    61. removing speed sensor screws. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Loosen the motor tension lock (see figure 62), raise the motor up as far as possible...

  • Page 46

    Do not keep tightening the spanner nut once the end place is removed from the spindle or you will destroy the bearings! model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 47

    0.001"–0.002", tighten the spanner nut an additional ⁄ turn to preload the bearings. model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) 22. put on a pair of leather gloves and remove the spanner nut. 23. reinstall the speed sensor with the screws you removed earlier (see figure 69).

  • Page 48

    (see figure 71). figure 71. securing handwheel. -46- 30. reinstall the belt on the appropriate motor pulley groove. 31. properly re-tension the belt (refer to Tensioning Belt on Page 41 for detailed instructions). model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 49: Section 8: Wiring

    You can view these pages in color at model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) MODIFICATIONS. Using aftermarket parts or modifying the wiring beyond what is shown in the diagram may lead to unpredictable results, including serious injury or fire.

  • Page 50: Wiring Diagram

    E AC IN OUTPUT: 3-PH 0-240V 300W 100Ω FREQUENCY RANGE: T/T1 V/T2 W/T3 +B1 B2 MOTOR 3HP 220V 3-PH FAULT VFD-E Inverter 50/60 Hz 24.0A 11A 4.2KVA 2.2 kW/3HP 0.1–600Hz ACM AC1 DCM 24V – Model G0694 (Mfg. Since 1/09)

  • Page 51: Electrical Components

    Electrical components figure 72. Control panel wiring. figure 73.Tachometer sensor location. motor Junction Block inverter door Limit resistor switch figure 74. Wiring component location. -49- model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 52: Section 9: Parts

    SEcTION 9: PARTS Lathe Breakdown -50- model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 53

    TOOL REST BASE P0694058 TOOL REST P0694059 TUBE P0694061 DIGITAL DISPLAY CORD 2W 18AWG P0694062 TOOL REST LOCK SHAFT P0694065 ACRYLIC BOARD model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Lathe Parts List REF PART # P0694066 P0694067 P0694068 P0694069 PFH34 PFH33 P0694072 PS13M...

  • Page 54: Stand

    Stand Breakdown -52- model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09)

  • Page 55: Stand Parts List

    MOTOR CORD 4 WIRE 14AWG P0694090 MOTOR BRACKET P0694091 MOTOR MOUNT PLATE P0694092 BELT TENSION HANDLE PFH69M FLAT HD CAP SCR M8-1.25 X 20 model g0694 (mfg. since 1/09) Stand Parts List REF PART # PCAP100M PCAP31M PLW04 PW02 P0694098 P0694104...

  • Page 56: Labels & Cosmetics

    MUST maintain the original location and readability of the labels on the machine. If any label is removed or becomes unreadable, REPLAcE that label before using the machine again. contact Grizzly at (800) 523-4777 or to order new labels. -54-...

  • Page 57: Warranty Card

    Do you think your machine represents a good value? Would you recommend Grizzly Industrial to a friend? Would you allow us to use your name as a reference for Grizzly customers in your area? Note: We never use names more than 3 times.

  • Page 58

    FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Send a Grizzly Catalog to a friend: Name_______________________________ Street_______________________________ City______________State______Zip______ GRIZZLY INDUSTRIAL, INC. P.O. BOX 2069 BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-2069 TAPE ALONG EDGES--PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE Place Stamp Here...

  • Page 59: Warranty And Returns

    WARRANTY AND RETURNS Grizzly Industrial, Inc. warrants every product it sells for a period of 1 year to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs or alterations or lack of maintenance.

  • Page 60

    Buy Direct and Save with Grizzly – Trusted, Proven and a Great Value! ® ~Since 1983~ Visit Our Website Today For Current Specials! ORDER 24 HOURS A DAY! 1-800-523-4777...

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