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Grizzly g0602 Owner's Manual: Removing Center From Spindle; Mounting Center In Tailstock; Removing Center From Tailstock

10" x 22" bench top lathe.
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removing center from spindle

to remove the center from the spindle, insert a
piece of round bar stock or similar tool through the
outboard end (on the left side of the headstock).
have another person hold onto the center with
a gloved hand or shop rag, then tap the center

mounting center in tailstock

the included dead center or a live center can be
used in the tailstock. Mounting instructions are
the same for both. figure 44 shows an example
photo of a dead center mounted in a tailstock.
figure 44. example photo of using a dead
center installed in the tailstock.
to avoid premature wear of the dead center
or damage to the workpiece, use low spindle
speeds and keep the tip of the dead center
mounted in the tailstock well lubricated.
to mount a center in the tailstock:
disConneCt lAthe FroM poWer!
thoroughly clean and dry the tapered mating
surfaces of the tailstock quill bore and the
center, making sure that no lint or oil remains
on the tapers.
Model G0602/G0752 (Mfg. Since 11/12)
dead Center
use the quill handwheel to feed the quill out
of the casting approximately 1" (see figure
note: The maximum quill travel is 2
we do not recommend extending the quill
more than 2" or stability and accuracy will be
figure 1. dead center inserted into tailstock.
insert the center into the tailstock quill.
seat the center firmly into the quill during
workpiece installation by rotating the quill
handwheel clockwise to apply pressure, with
the center engaged in the center hole in the
note: Only apply enough pressure with the
tailstock quill to securely mount the workpiece
between centers. Avoid overtightening the
center against the workpiece, or it may
become difficult to remove later, and it will
result in excessive friction and heat, which
may damage the workpiece and center.
secure the quill lock lever and tailstock lock

removing center from tailstock

to remove the center from the quill, hold onto it
with a gloved hand or shop rag, then rotate the
quill handwheel counterclockwise to draw the quill
back into the casting until the center releases.
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