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Grizzly g0602 Owner's Manual: Four-way Tool Post; Installing Tool; Aligning Cutting Tool With Spindle Centerline

10" x 22" bench top lathe.
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four-Way tool post

the four-way tool post is mounted on top of the
compound rest and allows a maximum of four
tools to be loaded simultaneously.
each tool can be quickly indexed to the workpiece
by loosening the top handle, rotating the tool post
to the desired position, then re-tightening the
handle to lock the tool into position.

installing tool

tool needed
hex Wrench 6mm .............................................. 1
to install a tool in the tool post:
Adjust the tool post screws so that the cutting
tool can fit underneath them (see figure 50).
figure 50. example of tool mounted in tool post.
over-extending a cutting tool from the post
will increase the risk of tool chatter, breakage,
or tool loosening during operation, which
could cause metal pieces to be thrown at
the operator or bystanders with great force.
do not extend a cutting tool more than 2.5
times the width of its cross-section (e.g.,
2.5 x 0.5" = 1.25").
Firmly secure the cutting tool with at least two
tool post screws.
Check and adjust the cutting tool to the
spindle centerline, as instructed in the next
aligning cutting tool with spindle
For most operations, the cutting tool tip should be
aligned with the spindle centerline, as illustrated
in figure 51.
there are a number of ways to check and align
the cutting tool to the spindle centerline. if nec-
Tool Post
essary, you can raise the cutting tool by placing
steel shims underneath it. the shims should be
as long and as wide as the cutting tool to properly
support it.
below are two common methods:
figure 51. Cutting tool aligned with spindle
centerline (viewed from tailstock).
Move the tailstock center over the cross slide
and use a dial indicator to measure the dis-
tance from the surface of the cross slide to
the tip of the center. Adjust the cutting tool
height so it is the same distance above the
cross slide as the tailstock center.
Align the tip of the cutting tool with a tailstock
center, as instructed in the following pro-
cedure. For this to work, the tailstock must
be aligned to the spindle centerline (refer to
aligning tailstock to spindle centerline
on page 34 for detailed instructions).
Model G0602/G0752 (Mfg. Since 11/12)


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