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Grizzly g0602 Owner's Manual: Section 4: Operations; Operation Overview

10" x 22" bench top lathe.
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section 4: operations

operation overview

The purpose of this overview is to provide the nov-
ice machine operator with a basic understanding
of how the machine is used during operation, so
the machine controls/components discussed later
in this manual are easier to understand.
Due to the generic nature of this overview, it is
not intended to be an instructional guide. To learn
more about specific operations, read this entire
manual and seek additional training from expe-
rienced machine operators, and do additional
research outside of this manual by reading "how-
to" books, trade magazines, or websites.
to reduce your risk of
serious injury, read this
using machine.
to reduce risk of eye injury
from flying chips always
wear safety glasses or face
shield when operating.
if you are not experienced with this type
of machine, We strongly recommend
that you seek additional training outside of
this manual. read books/magazines or get
formal training before beginning any proj-
ects. regardless of the content in this sec-
tion, grizzly industrial will not be held liable
for accidents caused by lack of training.
complete the test run & break-in proce-
dure on pages 22– 24 before using this lathe
for any cutting or threading operations; oth-
erwise, gear box damage will occur.
Model G0602/G0752 (Mfg. Since 11/12)
to complete a typical operation, the operator
does the following:
puts on safety glasses, rolls up sleeves,
removes jewelry, and secures any clothing,
jewelry, or hair that could get entangled in
moving parts.
examines the workpiece to make sure it is
suitable for turning, then securely mounts the
workpiece in a chuck, between centers, or on
the faceplate.
Mounts the tooling, aligns it with the workpiece,
then backs it away to establish a safe startup
Clears all setup tools from the lathe.
Checks for safe clearances by rotating the
workpiece by hand at least one full revolution.
sets the correct spindle speed for the opera-
if using power feed, selects the proper feed
rate for the operation.
starts spindle rotation, then engages the half
uses various carriage controls to move the
tooling into the workpiece for operations.
10. When finished cutting, disengages the half
nut (power feed only), moves the spindle
direction switch to the oFF position, waits for
the spindle to completely stop, then removes
the workpiece.


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