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Maytag MER5751AAW Use And Care Manual page 4

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Utensim Safety
Follow the manufacturer's
directions when using oven
cooking bags.
This appliance
has been tested for safe performance
using conventional
cookware. Do not use any devices or
accessories that are not specifically
this manual. Do not use stove top grills or add-on oven
systems. The use of devices or accessories
that are not expressly recommended
in this manual can
create serious safety hazards, result in performance
problems, and reduce the life of the components
of this
Be sure utensil is large enough to properly contain food
and avoid boilovers. Pan size is particularly
deep fat frying. Be sure pan will accommodate
volume of food that is to be added as well as the bubble
action of fat.
Never let a pan boll dry as this could damage the utensil
and the appliance.
If pan is smaller than element, a portion of the element
will be exposed to direct contact and could ignite cloth-
ing or potholder.
Only certain types of glass, glass/ceramic,
or other glazed utensils are suitable for
cooktop or oven service without
due to the
sudden change in temperature.
Follow utensil
when using glass.
Turn pan handle toward center of cooktop, not out into
the room or over another surface element. This reduces
the risk of burns, ignition of flammable
materials, or
spillage if pan is accldently
bumped or reached by small
NEVER leave surface units unattended especially when
using high heat. An unattended
bollover could cause
smoking and a greasy spillover can cause a fire.
This appliance is equipped with different size surface
elements. Select pans with flat bottoms large enough to
cover element. Fitting pan size to element will improve
cooking efficiency.
SURFACE: NEVER cook on broken
cooktop. If cooktop should break, cleaning solutions and
splllovers may penetrate the broken cooktop and create a
risk of electric shock Contact a qualified technician
Deep Fat Fryers
Use extreme caution when moving the grease pan or
disposing of hot grease. Allow grease to cool before
attempting to move pan.
Clean range hood and filters frequently to prevent grease
or other flammable
materials from accumulating
on hood
or filter and to avoid grease fires.
When flaming foods under the hood, turn the fan on.
Cleaning Safety
Clean cooktop with caution.
Turn off all controls and walt
for appliance parts to cool before touching or cleaning.
Clean with caution. Use care to avoid steam burns if a wet
sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot surface.
Some cleaners can produce noxious fumes if applied to a
hot surface.
Clean only parts listed in this guide.
Do not leave racks, broiling
pan, food or cooking
utensils, etc. in the oven during the self-clean
Do not clean door gasket. The door gasket is essential for
a good seal Care should be taken not to rub, damage, or
move the gasket.
Do not use oven cleaners or oven liners of any kind in or
around any part of the self-clean
Before self-cleaning
the oven, remove broiler pan, oven
racks and other utensils, and wipe off excessive spillovers
to prevent excessive smoke or flare ups.
It is normal for the cooktop of the range to become hot
during a self-clean
cycle. Therefore, touching
cooktop during a clean cycle should be avoided.



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