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Maytag MER5751AAW Use And Care Manual page 18

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3. Press the CHeanpad.
, "CLEAN" will flash.
4. Press the More+ or Less- pad.
, "CL-M" (Medium Soil 3 hours:)
is dispHayed.
5. Press the More+ or Less- pad to scroll through the sdf-
cHeaning settings.
CL-H" (Heavy Soil 4 hours:)
CL-M" (Medium soil 3 hours:)
CL-L" (Light Soil 2 hours:)
Choosing the soiHHevdof the oven automatically programs
the sdf-cHeaning time.
6. After four seconds, CLEAN, DELAY and LOCK will appear
in the dispHayto show that the oven is set for a ddayed
dean operation. The dday time is dispHayed.
Jf the oven
has amready
set for a clean
and you wish
to set a
1. Press the Delay pad.
° "DELAY" flashes.
° 00:00 will appear in the display.
2. Press the More+ or Less- pad to set the
amount of time you want to delay the cycle.
After four seconds, CLEAN, DELAY and LOCK will appear
in the display to show that the oven is set for a delayed
clean operation. The delay time is displayed.
the Self-Clean
° "DELAY" will turn off.
° The dean time will appear in the display.
TO cance!
the Semf-Clean
Press the CANCEL pad.
° All words disappear from the display.
° All functions are canceled.
° The time of day appears in the display.
the Self-C ean
When LOCK shows in the display, the door cannot be opened.
To prevent damage to the door, do not force the door open
when LOCK is displayed.
Smoke and Smells
You may see some smoke and smell an odor the first few
times the oven is cleaned. This is normal and will lessen in
Smoke may also occur if the oven is heavily soiled or if a
broiler pan was left in the oven.
As the oven heats, you may hear sounds of metal parts
expanding and contracting. This is normal and will not
damage the oven.
After Se f-Cleaning
About one hour after the end of the self-clean cycle, LOCK
will turn off. The door can then be opened. Move door lock
lever to the left to unlock.
Some soil may leave a light gray, powdery ash. Remove
it with a damp cloth. If soil remains after wiping, that means
the clean cycle was not long enough. The soil will be re-
moved during the next clean cycle.
if oven racks were left in the oven and do not slide
smoothly after a clean cycle, wipe racks and rack supports
with a small amount of vegetable oil to make them easier to
Fine lines
may appear
in the porcelain
it went
and cooling.
This is normal and wiii not
affect performance.
A white
may appear
after cleaning
if acidic
or sugary
not wiped
up before
the self=clean
cycle= This discoloration
is normal and will not affect perfor-
If the oven door is left open, "DOOR" will flash in the
display and a signal will beep until the door is closed
and the Clean pad is pressed again.
If more than five seconds elapse between pressing the
Clean pad and the More+ or Less- pad, the program will
automatically return to the previous display.
The oven door will be damaged if the oven door is
forced to open when "LOCK" is still displayed.



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