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Maytag MER5751AAW Use And Care Manual page 23

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Oven will not self-clean.
Oven did not
clean properly.
Oven door will not unlock
after self=clean cycle.
collects on oven
There is a strong odor
or light smoke when
oven is turned on.
Fault Codes
Noises may be heard.
There are no beeps and
"SAb" flashing and then
displayed continuously.
, Check to make sure the cycle is not set for a ddayed start. See page 16.
° Check if door is chased.
, Check if control is in Sabbath Mode. See page 13.
, Oven may be over 400° R Oven temperature must be below 400° F to program a clean cycle.
, Longer cleaning time may be needed.
, Excessivespillovers, especially sugary and/or acidic foods, were not removed prior to the
self-clean cycle.
, Oven interior is still hot. Allow about one hour for the oven to cool after the
completion of a self-clean cycle. The door can be opened when the LOCK indicator word is
not displayed.
, The control and door may be locked. See pages 9 and 17 to unlock.
1.Tiny scratches or abrasions.
, Make sure cooktop and pan bottom are clean. Do not slide glass or metal pans across top.
Make sure pan bottom is not rough. Use the recommended cleaning agents. See page 18.
2. Metal marks.
, Do not slide metal pans across top. When cool. clean with Cooktop Cleaning Creme.
See page 18.
3. Brown streaks and specks.
, Remove spills promptly. Never wipe with a soiled cloth or sponge. Make sure cooktop and pan
bottom are clean.
4. Areas with a metallic sheen.
, Mineral deposits from water and food. Use recommended cleaning agents. See page 18.
5. Pitting or flaking.
, Remove sugary, boilovers promptly. See page 18.
, This is normal when cooking foods high in moisture.
, Excessive moisture was used when cleaning the window.
, This is normal for a new range and will disappear after a few uses. Initiating a dean cycle
will "burn off" the odors more quickly.
, Turning on a ventilation fan will help remove the smoke and/or odor.
, Excessivefood soils on the oven bottom. Use a self-clean cycle.
° BAKE or LOCK may flash rapid[y in the disp[ay to a[ert you if there is an error or a prob[em.
If BAKE or LOCK appear in the display, press CANCEL pad. If BAKE or LOCK continue to
flash, disconnect power to the appliance.
Wait a few minutes, and then reconnect power.
If the flashing still continues, disconnect power to the appliance and call an authorized servicer.
° If the oven is heavily soiled, excessive fiareups may result in a fault code during cleaning. Press
the CANCEL pad and allow the oven to cool completely, wipe out excess soil, then reset the
clean cycle. If the fault code reappears, contact an authorized servicer.
° The oven makes several low level noises. You may hear the oven relays as they go on and off.
This is normal.
° As the oven heats and cools, you may hear sounds of metal parts expanding and contracting.
This is normal and will not damage your appliance.
Oven may be in Sabbath Mode. See page 13.
Oven is in Sabbath Mode. To cancel, press and hold the Clock pad for five



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