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Maytag MER5751AAW Use And Care Manual page 10

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To cancel the Clock display:
If you do not want the time of day to dispHay:
Press and hoM the CANCEL and CHock
pads for three seconds. The time of day
wifl disappear from the dispHay
When the chock dispHayis cancelled, press
the CHockpad to briefly dispHaythe time
of day=
To restore
the CJoek display:
Press and hoHdthe CANCEL and CHockpads for three sec-
onds. The time of day will reappear in the dispHay=
The timer can be set from one minute (00:01] up to 99 hours
and 59 minutes (99:59].
The timer can be used independentHy of any other oven
activity. It can aHsobe set while another oven function is
The Timer does not control the oven. It only controls a
To set the Timer:
1. Press the Timer pad.
,0:00 lights in the display.
, The colon flashes in the display.
2. Press the More+ or Less- pad until the
correct time appears in the display.
_ The colon will continue to flash.
3. Press Timer pad again or wait four seconds.
, The colon continues flashing and the time begins
counting down.
, The last minute of the timer countdown will be displayed
as seconds.
4. At the end of the set time, one long beep will sound.
To cancel
the Timer:
1= Press and hold the Timer pad for three seconds.
2= Press the Timer pad and set the time to 00:00=
Locking the ControJ
The touchpad controls can be locked for safety, cleaning, or
to prevent unwanted use= They will not function when locked.
If the oven is currently in use, the controls cannot be locked.
The current time of day will remain in the display when the
controls are locked.
To took:
Press and hold the CANCEL and Cook &
Hold pads for three seconds.
LOCK flashes in the display.
To unlock:
Press and hold the CANCEL and Cook &
Hold pads for three seconds.
LOCK disappears from the display.
FauJt Codes
BAKE or LOCK may flash rapidly in the display to alert you if
there is an error or a problem. If BAKE or LOCK flash in the
display, press CANCEL pad= If BAKE or LOCK continue to
flash, disconnect power to the appliance. Wait a few minutes,
and then reconnect power= If the flashing still continues,
disconnect power to the appliance and call an authorized



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