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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Data Dump

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide
Korg Exclusive
Using Korg Exclusive messages allows you to transmit and receive sound setting data and change
parameter values for sound editing on the X5DR.

Data Dump

You can send Program, Combination, Multi, Drum Kit, and Global data as Exclusive data to and
from the X5DR. You can also store Exclusive data sent from the X5DR into the computer,
sequencer or data filer to keep the data for Programs and various settings. Sending that data as
Exclusive data from the computer, sequencer or data filer will restore the Program and other
setting data on the X5DR. This is a very useful function when you wish to store the original
Program data and the current setting data. The X5DR's Exclusive data is compatible with the X5
and 05R/W. Some parameters in Multi mode and Global mode are different, but the common
parameters are compatible among these models.
Use MIDI Data Dump in Global mode to transmit dump data. To do this, first select the type of
data to be transmitted, and dump data will be sent to the specified destination (MIDI OUT or TO
HOST terminal). You can store Program and setting data by sending and storing the Data dump
into a computer, sequencer, or data filer.
The dump data for one Program is transmitted when the X5DR changes the mode from Program
Play mode to Program Edit mode.
The dump data for one Combination is transmitted when the Combinations are changed in
Combination Play mode.
The X5DR changes Programs or settings when it receives the dump data or Exclusive data for one
• Exclusive data is received and transmitted via the Global MIDI Channel. Set the Global MIDI
Channel on the reception and transmission devices to the same number. When you are restoring
Exclusive data stored in a computer, sequencer, or data filer back to the X5DR, use the same
Global MIDI Channel you used when you transmitted data out to the storage device.
• The X5DR transmits the dump data according to the content of the dump Request message that
it received. You can send Data dumps from the X5DR by transmitting a dump request from the
computer or sequencer.
Parameter Change
The X5DR can transmit and receive the bulk data of Programs and Combinations, as well as set
independent parameter values. You can edit X5DR Programs by sending Parameter Change
messages or Drum Kit Parameter Change messages from the computer, another X5DR, X5, or
• Refer to "MIDI Data Format" on page 167, 171 for the Parameter Change format.


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