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Packaging And Transporting Guidelines; Workstation Guidelines - HP Pavilion HDX9000 - Entertainment Notebook PC Maintenance And Service Manual

Pavilion hdx entertainment notebook pc
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Packaging and transporting guidelines

Follow these grounding guidelines when packaging and transporting equipment:
To avoid hand contact, transport products in static-safe tubes, bags, or boxes.
Protect ESD-sensitive parts and assemblies with conductive or approved containers or packaging.
Keep ESD-sensitive parts in their containers until the parts arrive at static-free workstations.
Place items on a grounded surface before removing items from their containers.
Always be properly grounded when touching a component or assembly.
Store reusable ESD-sensitive parts from assemblies in protective packaging or nonconductive foam.
Use transporters and conveyors made of antistatic belts and roller bushings. Be sure that mechanized
equipment used for moving materials is wired to ground and that proper materials are selected to
avoid static charging. When grounding is not possible, use an ionizer to dissipate electric charges.

Workstation guidelines

Follow these grounding workstation guidelines:
Cover the workstation with approved static-shielding material.
Use a wrist strap connected to a properly grounded work surface and use properly grounded tools
and equipment.
Use conductive field service tools, such as cutters, screwdrivers, and vacuums.
When fixtures must directly contact dissipative surfaces, use fixtures made only of static-safe
Keep the work area free of nonconductive materials, such as ordinary plastic assembly aids and
Handle ESD-sensitive components, parts, and assemblies by the case or PCM laminate. Handle these
items only at static-free workstations.
Avoid contact with pins, leads, or circuitry.
Turn off power and input signals before inserting or removing connectors or test equipment.
Chapter 4 Removal and replacement procedures



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