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Table of Contents
Installation Guide
No. of
Fault Description
Heating element
Input voltage insuf-
Water overflow
HVAC power not
present (monitor this
fault only when DIP 4
and 5 are OFF).
Steps to Fix
To be Performed by Professional HVAC Technician Only
• Follow tank cleaning steps (pages 23–26).
• Reassemble tank and press the RESET button.
• If fault returns, replace with applicable TrueSTEAM.
Yes, system will
• Unplug and replug the unit in to see if the fault returns.
return to "Ready"
• If fault returns, unplug unit and remove cover.
if fault no longer
• Ensure wiring connections are secure and attached.
exists in 1 hour.
• If fault returns, replace the TrueSTEAM with a new one (field
service is not recommended in the event line voltage is lost).
Yes, system will
• Ensure drain hose is not kinked or submerged in water at
return to "Ready"
the drain. Check functionality of condensate pump if used.
if fault no longer
• Check for water coming out of drain/overflow line. If
exists in 1 hour.
continuous water flow is present, follow the cleaning steps
on pages 23–26.
• Press EMPTY button to drain tank.
• Set humidistat RH setpoint to Test mode.
• If fault returns, unplug TrueSTEAM.
• Loosen cover screw and remove cover.
• Disconnect water level sensor wiring and lift snap-hinge clamp
to remove water sensor assembly. See image on page 17.
• Clean probes using warm soapy water so that the metal is
• Reassemble the sensor assembly in the unit, reattach and
secure cover.
• Plug unit in, and press RESET button.
• If fault reappears, replace water sensor assembly and/or
solenoid valve.
Yes, system will
• Unplug and replug the unit in to see if power returns.
return to "Ready"
• If not, ensure HVAC equipment has power. Check circuit
if fault no longer
breaker and replace fuse if circuit is tripped.
exists in 1 hour.
• Unplug TrueSTEAM and remove cover.
• Ensure DIP 4 is ON and reattach cover.
• Plug unit in.
• If fault reappears, ensure the circuit being used has the
rating to support the unit. Unplug any additional equipment
plugged into this circuit. If fault disappears, the circuit
capacity is not properly sized to your unit.
• If fault returns, replace unit.

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