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Setting Homeowner Expectations for the TrueSTEAM Experience:
It may take up to a week of continuous operation to achieve the humidity set point, depending
on weather, size of home, furnishings in the home, insulation, etc.
If using a six (6) gallon unit, the most appropriate setpoint is 30-35% or until there is condensa-
tion on the windows, then lower the setpoint (if not in frost protection mode). If the home can't
achieve the setpoint, the unit may be under-sized (if home is under 2000 sq ft, this can also be
due to insulation, windows, arid climate, etc.) or the outdoor temperature may be too low to
maintain adequate humidity levels. Honeywell recommends waiting for the temperature to mod-
erate closer to 20°F (-6°C).
If this occurs and the selected humidity levels are not achieved, then a larger capacity model
may be needed.
For the first week of operation, it is normal to experience a slight plastic odor in the home,
depending on the amount of supplied ventilation. If the remote hose is used, there may be a
slight rubber odor. These odors will dissipate within days of installation.
If the homeowner sees that TrueSTEAM is not humidifying but there is a call for humidity, it is
likely the unit is operating in drain cycle mode. Ask the homeowner to check again in an hour if
they are concerned the device may not be operating.
If the Call Service light is blinking, instruct the homeowner to press and hold the Reset button to
clear the fault. If the fault doesn't clear, unplug the power to TrueSTEAM and plug back in to the
electrical outlet. Wait 24 hours prior to calling a contractor. The call service light may be blinking
due to a low voltage condition in the area and will reset to operate correctly when full power is
There may be a slight increase in the homeowner's energy consumption. However, when operat-
ing correctly, TrueSTEAM will make the home feel warmer, allowing the homeowner to lower the
temperature setting on the thermostat. Every degree lower on the thermostat can save up to 3%
on heating costs.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents