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Safety Precautions - Honeywell HM509VPIAQ - TrueSTEAM 9 GPD Humidifier PRO IAQ Owner's Manual

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Installation Guide

safeTy PReCauTIons

CAUTION: Voltage Hazard.
Can cause electrical shock or equipment damage.
Disconnect HVAC equipment before beginning installation.
Safety Precautions
• Do not direct the steam nozzle at people.
• If used near a pool or spa, ensure the TrueSTEAM can not fall into the water or be splashed.
Also, ensure the TrueSTEAM is plugged into a GFI ground fault interrupt outlet.
• Water inside tank can be very hot. Follow installation instructions and service steps exactly
as given in the technical literature.
Warning: Electrocution, Heavy Equipment, and Chemical Hazard.
Can cause death, blindness, water damage to home and heating element failure.
• Do not cut into any air conditioning or electrical line
• Wear safety glasses when cutting or drilling.
• Mount the humidifier in a level position to avoid water damage or heating element failure.
• Reinforce duct as necessary to ensure stability.
The preferred installation location is on the warm or supply side of the furnace. If that location is
not possible, the steam nozzle should be inserted a minimum of 12 in. upstream of the furnace filter.
Depending on the location and the duct rigidity, additional duct reinforcement may be necessary.
Warning: Steam Condensation, Fire, and Freezing Water Hazard.
Can cause failure of fan or limit control or result in water damage to home.
• Do not install the humidifier where the ambient temperature is lower than 32°F (0°C) or higher
than 120°F (49°C).
• Do not install the humidifier through sidewalls of a return air duct made of wood (e.g., floor
• The mounting area must be strong enough to support the humidifier's weight when it is full
of water (approximately 12 to 15 lbs.), and to hold the humidifier in a level position for safe,
reliable operation. Otherwise, additional duct or wall reinforcement will be necessary.
• If the ducting has exposed insulated materials on the interior, ensure the nozzle extends
beyond the insulation by clearing away excess insulation at the insertion point. You may wish
to replace a section of insulated duct (approximately 6 in. x 6 in.) with rigid, non-insulated
sheet metal to ensure effective installation.
• Mount the unit where it will have smooth air flow across the end of the steam nozzle.
• Allow at least 1 foot clearance to ventilation holes in humidifier's cover. Do not cover these
holes. Covering them can increase the internal operating temperature of the humidifier and
shorten the humidifier's life.
• Allow at least 4 inches of clearance between the steam nozzle insertion hole and the top of
the interior duct to avoid condensation forming. The mounting template is designed to allow
clearance if the top of the template is at or below the top surface of the interior duct.
• Do not mount directly to duct board. Remote mount nozzle attachment allowed only when
using with a duct board adapter kit (part #32005530-001).
• Do not install in completely enclosed spaces, such as a cabinet or unventilated closet.
Choose a location that is well ventilated.

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Table of Contents

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