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Make your TrueSTEAM installations accurate and efficient by addressing these commonly asked
Sizing for the Job
1. Selecting the appropriate humidifier for the job is critical:
The table below illustrates the square footage a TrueSTEAM humidifier can serve.
It is not recommended to install a 6 gallon device in a home larger than 2000 square feet.
Square Feet of Space
ARI* Recommended Output Delivery (GPD)
TrueSTEAM HM512 - True 12 Gallons
TrueSTEAM HM509 - True 9 Gallons
TrueSTEAM HM506 - True 6 Gallons
* ARI Guideline F-2007 for maintaining 35% RH in a tight, residential four-person home with
8-ft. ceilings. Outdoor conditions = 20ºF and 70% RH.
Installation Check-out List
• Install the in-line water filter and back-flow prevention valve.
• Check that the main water supply line is open.
• Ensure there are no water leaks/drips at any of the water connections.
• Plug into a circuit with at least enough capacity to power the unit.
• Generate a call for humidity from the control and ensure TrueSTEAM fills and the Humidify
light turns on, indicating steam is being generated.
• Test the drain by pressing the EMPTY button until the Clean Tank light begins blinking,
indicating a drain cycle has begun.
NOTE: It may take approximately 10 minutes for the tank to fully flush and drain. TO BYPASS
AND DRAIN IMMEDIATELY, Press and hold the EMPTY button again while the Clean Tank light
is blinking. This will bypass the flush and immediately drain the tank. TO STOP draining, press
the Reset button.
• Mount the provided yellow tank service sticker on the duct/wall near the unit. Ensure the
drain hose is secured to prevent inadvertent disconnection. Check that the hose is plumbed
to a drain/condensate to prevent water spurting.
TrueSTEAM Humidification System

InsTallaTIon ReCommendaTIons

1000 1500 2000 2500 3000


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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents