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Troubleshooting - Honeywell HM509VPIAQ - TrueSTEAM 9 GPD Humidifier PRO IAQ Owner's Manual

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TrueSTEAM has internal system diagnostics that monitor system operation, maintenance schedules,
and faults. If a system fault is detected, the system will attempt to recover itself up to five times in a
24 hour period. If unable to recover in that time, the red Call Service LED light will activate.
If the TrueSTEAM Call Service light is red, a system fault has occurred from which the humidi-
fier can not recover by itself. The table below shows the possible faults, along with steps to fix
If the red Call Service LED light is on, press/release the RESET button. The red Call Service LED
light will begin blinking in a series that indicates what fault occurred. Refer to the table below
for the fault signified by the number of blinks that occur. To clear the fault, press and hold the
RESET button for 5 seconds.
Press/hold the EMPTY button to clear the Service Timer light (i.e. the Press Empty button).
Press/release the EMPTY button to drain the tank.
No. of
Fault Description
Water/Heater temper-
ature sensor failed.
Water sensors failed. Yes, system will
Failure to fill tank
with water.
Steps to Fix
To be Performed by Professional HVAC Technician Only
Yes, system will
• Unplug TrueSTEAM and remove cover.
return to "Ready"
• Check water sensor connection to electronic board.
if fault no longer
• Reattach cover and plug TrueSTEAM in.
exists in 1 hour.
• If fault reappears, follow the cleaning steps on pages 23–24.
• Reassemble tank and press the RESET button.
• If fault returns, replace with applicable wattage heating
• Unplug TrueSTEAM and remove cover.
return to "Ready"
if fault no longer
lift snap-hinge clamp.
exists in 1 hour.
Will attempt to
• Clean water sensor probes using warm soapy water so that
reset itself 5 times
the metal is exposed.
in 24 hours.
• Reassemble the sensor assembly in the unit, reattach and
secure cover.
• Plug unit back in and press the RESET button.
• If fault reappears, replace sensor assembly.
Yes, system will
• Ensure inlet water is on.
return to "Ready"
• Check for leaks around the tank seal and solenoid.
if fault no longer
• Turn off water supply and replace in-line water filter.
exists in 1 hour.
• Press/hold RESET button until the red Call Service light
turns off.
• If tank still fails to fill, press the EMPTY button (if unit fails to
drain, unplug unit and make sure water in tank is cool).
• Follow tank cleaning instructions on page 21. Ensure you
have a firm grip of the tank prior to releasing the tank,
especially if water is present.
• Clear any excess debris from the tank's bottom orifice to
the solenoid.
• Reassemble tank and plug unit back in. Press the RESET
• If water still fails to flush into the tank, replace the solenoid
TrueSTEAM Humidification System


Disconnect water level sensor wiring, remove screen and
Remove water sensor assembly.

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Table of Contents

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